Tomorrow on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Paula Abdul is set to appear as one of the guests. Considering both Ellen and Paula served some time at the judges table on American Idol, it’s understandable that this would be a topic of discussion during her interview.

Paula’s currently heading up the reality dance series Live to Dance, but that doesn’t mean Idol’s forgotten for the singer/dancer/choreographer. Here’s a snippet of the conversation Paula and Ellen had about judging on Idol and what it was like for Paula to watch Ellen as judge.

Ellen: You left the show and then they asked me to...And I kept trying to explain to people, "I didn't take her job. She was gone." Was it weird for you to watch the show and see me there? Did you watch?
Paula: I can watch the show objectively and I can watch the show as a fan as I normally do. I can watch the show and say, "Wow." I thought you did a good job. I thought you handled yourself with poise and elegance. You handled yourself the right way that is authentic to who you are.
Ellen: It was hard for me. I'm sure you felt the same. It's really hard to tell somebody, no matter what you really feel inside, in front of America, "That's not good."

Catch the rest of the interview on Ellen tomorrow (Tuesday, January 11th).

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