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The RED Movies Are Getting Their Own TV Series, Get The Details

No property ever created for a single medium can ever avoid be optioned for another. It’s this inevitable rule of media that leads to such things nobody asked for as the Beverly Hillbillies movie or Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows. Now we have another to add to the list. NBC is developing a series based on the RED films.

Deadline is reporting that the team behind the original features, Jon and Erich Hoeber who wrote both films, and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura are all on board to work on the potential series. While keeping the core concepts of the film together the series will reportedly focus more on the retired spies dealing with civilian life while fighting the organization which fired them in the first place.

RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous) was based on a comic series itself and the movie starred Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, and Helen Mirren as over the hill secret agents who have to go back to work after their old agency tries to kill them. While not a “comic book movie” in the traditional sense the over-the-top action combined with a cast that was obviously having a great time made for a fun time at the movies. The 2010 original was a surprise hit which spawned a 2013 sequel which was not.

As this project is in very early development there’s no talk of cast or characters. It’s unclear if the series will follow the same characters from the film or if new ones will be created. It seems highly unlikely that any of the films’ cast would consider reprising their role on TV. All we can say is that whoever may take over for Helen Mirren has some big combat boots to fill.

We haven't seen this property in nearly two years, and it didn’t do that great last time we did. It is an interesting choice to try and turn into a TV show. Even big fans of the two movies were likely not begging for a third film or a TV reboot. It’s pretty much a one joke premise, old people running around like James Bond, while trying not to forget to take their medication was fun the first time. It’s hard to imagine that the same joke every week on TV will be equally funny.

RED the TV series is little more than an idea at this point so we’ll have to wait and see how serious NBC really is about bringing it to television. Stranger things have ended up on TV to be sure. Are you excited for a RED series, or are you hoping the concept itself is retired?

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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