CBS has ordered four more pilots, three of which are comedies and one, a drama. Two of the comedies come from Raising Hope creator Greg Garcia, while the third is from Happy Endings writer Brian Gallivan and produced by Friends With Benefits producer Will Gluck. The single drama among the pilot orders is The Ordained, which is being executive produced by Frank Marshall (producer of the Bourne movies) and comes from a writer new to television.

Garcia’s two pilot orders include a multi-camera and a single-camera comedy. The single-camera, Super Clyde is about a fast food worker who decides to leave his meek, quiet self behind and become a super hero. The multi-camera comedy is untitled at the moment and focuses on a man whose parents move in with him on the heels of his divorce, complicating his life. If either one is picked up it will be Garcia’s first series at CBS since Yes, Dear, asDeadline points out. The fact they’ve given both of his projects pilot orders makes it likely one of them will make the cut.

Among the other pilots, The McCarthys is a single-camera comedy loosely based on the life of writer Brian Gallivan. The comedy is about a big Irish Catholic Boston family and their gay son who get hassled more for not wanting to spend time with his family than for his sexuality. It landed at CBS in a competitive situation back in the fall.

Finally, the drama The Ordained joins the pilot lineup with a story about the son of an influential Kennedy-like family who leaves behind his life in the priesthood to become a lawyer in order to protect his sister. The project is from author Lisa Takeuchi Cullen, and is her first television project to be picked up.

CBS has been busy so far this pilot season, so it will be really interesting to see what makes it to television. These pilot offers bring the network’s comedy count to six and dramas to three.

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