American Idol is still not fully committed to its judges. The continual brouhaha surrounding the “will they or won’t they" mentality with hiring judges for Season 12 has been both comical and a little fascinating. Now, it’s looking like veteran judge Randy Jackson might stick around as a judge on the program that made him a household name.

THR first reported the news yesterday, stating the talks to hire Enrique Iglesias as a possible judge had fizzled out, leaving room for Jackson to maintain his current position. Fox has not come out to specifically say Jackson’s deal is going through, but last night Simon Cowell hopped on to Twitter to throw his opinion into the arena.
“Just heard Randy is back on Idol. Right decision.

Either the talent search guru has some insider information, or he’s speculating like the rest of us, but either way, there’s a good chance Jackson is in talks to stay on as a judge.

So far, American Idol is expected to have a judges panel featuring four people next season. Mariah Carey has definitely signed on for one of these chairs, and Democrat Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban are the front runners to fill two of the other chairs. If Jackson decides to stick around, he’ll still have the privilege of being the judge with the most sway on the show, but he will also have less free time than he would have acting as a mentor on the show instead of a judge. At least his seat’s still warm.

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