Red Widow hit ABC’s schedule in March and left it almost as quietly as it came in earlier this month. Red Widow was never the huge ratings bringer I’m sure that ABC hoped it would be and thus it was no surprise when the network officially cancelled the series, but if you missed it in its first run, ABC Studios is bringing Red Widow: The Complete First Season to DVD on May 28.


One of the nicest things about the Red Widow set is its striking cover art, which uses the same sort of color scheme as the Twilight franchise, although with the title, the color scheme is pretty fitting and it’s actually main character Marta Walraven’s eyes that are really captivating. The series follows the lengths that Marta will go to protect her family after her husband, who dealt in organized crime, is killed. That sort of high-stakes drama could have been a real winner, but it never found a large enough audience for ABC to bring the midseason show back for a second round.

Still, if female-driven dramas and organized crime are up your alley, Red Widow may be one to catch. The DVD set will come with all eight first season and series episodes, as well as several bonus features. Bloopers and deleted scenes will both be available, as well as a featurette with show creator Melissa Rosenberg, who discusses the making of the series. That’s not a ton off fodder, but luckily Red Widow: The Complete First Season will run for only $29.99, with copies available for pre-order for only $19.99 on Amazon.

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