Revenge Partners With Target And Neiman Marcus For Season 2 Advertising Scheme

ABC’s Revenge is getting into some strategic advertising. The company has partnered with high-end retailer Neiman Marcus and mass retailer Target to bring specific advertising to a special episode of ABC’s soapy drama. On November 11, any advertising that is not local (so we’ll still get the news anchor men and women and the like) will be devoted to the two retailers and the clothing they sell.

Revenge features a lot of wealthy bitches and thus, plenty of super nice clothing every week. It’s no surprise that Neiman Marcus would want to flaunt their wares during the Sunday night program. Target, on the other hand, is an odder choice; however, the retail giant likes to get its grubby little hands into everything, so I suppose we shouldn’t be shocked. According to Deadline, the advertising during the November episode will be devoted to both stores’ holiday collections.

The concept is a pretty interesting idea, and no weirder than when American Idol gets sponsorship from Ford or The X Factor judges are forced to carry around little Pepsi cups wherever they go. The advertisements will even feature characters from the show wearing the Neiman Marcus and Target clothing, which might entice DVR watchers to not skip through the hour like they normally would. At least, that seems to be the goal. Honestly, as a fashion lover, this sort of advertising seems right up my alley, and I’d rather get commercial breaks with this sort of stuff than have an insurance company jingle stuck in my head for two or three days. If the advertising scheme works, we may be hearing about similar initiatives with the show in the future.

ABC’s Revenge airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden
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