It may have taken ten episodes, but Miles, Charlie, Aaron and Nora are finally at Monroe’s front door, ready to bring the fight if that’s what it will take to get Danny back. Sticking with the main theme of Revolution in which things never go according to plan, turns out they can’t just walk in, grab what they want, and stroll out. Not when Monroe stands in the way.

Uninvited House Guests
We should probably feel bad for Miles’ last friend in Philly because he is probably on his way to the chopping block if Neville didn’t already do it himself, but Major Kipling didn’t have to answer the door to Nora’s boobs. And Charlie really did need somewhere to lie down as the blood continues to seep from her head. Not the bullet graze, mind you. That was just a flesh wound.

Miles decides to go out on the town and before long the militia is knocking down the door as a rather unwelcome welcoming party to the new houseguests. Even with the head injury, Charlie was dishing out more snark than Neville could take and he quickly syringed her in the neck to quiet her down for the journey to Monroe’s.

This was Neville’s first mistake. It’s not an episode of Revolution if someone’s family member isn’t taken; heck, that’s what the basic premise of the show is about, but Neville should know better than that! Especially if it is the family (and/or love interest) of Miles Matheson, because then there is going to be Hell to pay. Going the eye for an eye route, Miles decides to break into Neville’s home and adorn his wife’s neck with a sword, and we get to see the real man that Neville is, as opposed to the too big for his britches leader who likes to make fun of Aaron from his place on high that he only got to because of a natural disaster. But with his wife in danger (goodness knows where Jason was), he folds to Miles’ demands of giving his people back to him, and for the rest of the episode we can only assume that his wife unapologetically scowled at him from their place locked in a closet.

The Man Who Loved Peaches
With Neville being MIA for the latter portion of the episode, the villainous spotlight is handed over to the militia’s most straightforward baddie, Sergeant Strausser, who continues to be a disappointment as he falls short of his reputation as the fear-inducing torturer who leaves no man alive in his wake. His previous showing in his hunt to find and capture Miles by using Nora’s sister was lackluster at best; ending in a moment in which he hid behind a tree for fear of what Miles would do to him. Tonight was definitely no different.

Maybe we were simply misinformed about his torture prowess. Instead of being physically abusive, turns out that his skills lie in sexual harassment and spewing pervy words that make anyone within earshot convulsively seize until they’re inches from death, but still with enough life in them so that he can take advantage of their warm bodies because he is apparently a full-blown rapist now as well, checking off yet another cliché to add to the long list of reasons why he should have died the first time Miles laid eyes on him. Thank goodness Rachel was there to appropriately penetrate (yes, penetrate) his chest with a blade and put an end to him, finally doing something right for a change.

Like Mother Like Daughter
Even though killing Strausser goes in the reasons to wear a Team Rachel shirt, it is still hard to trust this woman since there is still so much unknown about her and her motivation/goals. I just know it was definitely refreshing to see someone else give her the stink eye of distrust. When Charlie is first put in the same cell as her, the look she had on her face was hilarious as she tried to determine how to feel about the situation, with the resting expression of what I can only describe as grumpy gills.

No matter this first impression, I’m not sure if Charlie should take the comparison from her father of she and her mother being alike as a compliment because based on what we’ve seen of her, Rachel hasn’t really proven herself. Everything she does is for the safety of her children, which is understandable, but even Charlie had to roll her eyes at her mother when she broke and said she’d help complete the amplifier instead of letting her kids die for the greater good. Seriously Rachel, why couldn’t you have just done us all the favor and let them kill Danny?

After episodes without him, Danny is finally back with an unexplained and rather pronounced limp that impedes Charlie’s moments of heroics, making it easy to see just how far she has come. For the longest time she seemed like such a burden to Miles, but now she has finally stepped into her own, even shocking her brother with how much she changed. It was like he was expecting her to say “Come with me if you want to live” as she held the gun up that she borrowed from the guard currently unconscious on the floor, before kicking the door further open that she clearly could have simply walked through. Charlie has arrived!

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