With the emotional pull from the blend of Aaron’s past and present, last week’s “not a brothel” episode of Revolution showed that the show finally knew what it was doing, creating the best episode of the series yet. With the taste for glory and praise now had, this week’s Peter Pan flavored episode proves that last week wasn’t a fluke, providing some of the best writing the show has had to offer yet.

M Is For Mutilated
Every week Revolution starts off with a rather lackluster intro of exposition reminding viewers what happened before the show started, i.e. the power went out for good.

Now cut to the real intro. With Charlie being held down as a man talks about how militia soldiers are made, she horrifyingly watches as the Monroe brand slowly inches towards her wrist. Clearly something is going to happen to stop this madness, right?! MILES! WHERE IS MILES?! It’s just the camera angle that is making it look so close to her skin, it’s not actually going to… OMG! Cut to black as Charlie’s screams die out. Now that is how you start an episode.

Because this was a scene followed by “2 days earlier,” we have yet to see what the repercussions will be of Charlie’s new brand. My guess is mostly just wearing more long sleeves and finding a new jacket since her favorite leather one looks to be forgotten somewhere on the conscription boat. But that’s only thinking short term. Long term is that there is no way that doesn’t come back to haunt her time and time again when it comes to those strongly apposed to the Militia, and those within it as well considering they will most likely deem her a deserter. Most importantly, how will anyone love her now?! Good thing she has Jason, assuming that relationship will actually kick off sometime soon.

The Lost Boys
It’s nice to see that in the future, kids are just as informed about our nation’s history as they are today (not that I can talk considering it is the subject that ejects itself from my brain the fastest). They may not know what the brand means, but at least they’re smart enough to know to be wary of those who have it. Having militia soldiers kill your parents will do that, though.

Even if Aaron is right about how creepy these “lost boys” are hiding out in an abandoned building unaware of the danger the flag hanging on the wall presents, they provide the opportunity for some of the best lines and easiest laughs Revolution has provided yet, as well as numerous moments for each character to be in their element. Miles started it out by telling a rather “intimidating” kid that he was going to poke his eye out with his spear, continuing on to Aaron calling them the children of the corn and pack of hairless Ewoks. However, the best moment had to be when Michael was being rather difficult about doing what was asked of him, reminiscent of a certain female protagonist: “It’s irritating when a dumb kid tells you what to do, isn’t it?” Even Charlie had to acknowledge the truth in that comment…

Irritating or not, Miles did agree with Charlie that it was the right thing to rescue Peter from the militia soldiers, bringing about an expression from Charlie that can only indicate that she has been whispering her side of things into his ear as he sleeps to change his way of thinking. It really is the only explanation for them agreeing, avoiding the typical argument in the process.

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