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The Ride With Norman Reedus: When You Can Finally Watch The Premiere

Yes, The Walking Dead may be over until October (presumably), but you definitely won’t have to wait that long to see actor Norman Reedus heading down the road on a motorcycle. (Although it won’t involve him killing anything, so put aside those hopes.) His upcoming unscripted series The Ride with Norman Reedus just got a release date, and you’ll be able to find the first episode hitting AMC on Sunday, June 12.

The Ride with Norman Reedus will settle into its Sunday night slot for Season 1 during the midseason hiatus for that Daryl Dixon-free zombie drama Fear the Walking Dead. And since there are only six episodes set to air, it makes sense to use the summer schedule to test out how audiences respond to it. The Ride will debut after an episode of the upcoming comic book adaptation Preacher, which is another project where success is uncertain.

Of course, this is the kind of reality show that will draw in viewers that want nothing to do with real housewives, so it could possibly have more of a built-in audience than other series of this kind. Walking Dead fans will probably want to tune in to see Reedus-as-Reedus in action, since the actor constantly inspires hilarious behind-the-scenes stories. As well, motorcycle enthusiasts don’t have a large selection of programming to choose from to celebrate their roaring passion, so nothing is stopping that crowd from tuning in as well.

It sounds like a hell of a good time, as the show will pit Norman Reedus with a riding companion – including celebs such as Peter Fonda, Robert Rodriguez and Balthazar Getty – for each episode as they hit up different destinations in states such as Louisiana, Texas, California, Nevada, Florida and North Carolina. While in each location, Reedus and his buddy will check out local bike shops, tattoo parlors, restaurants and more places as they put a spotlight on each area’s biker culture, as well as the collectors and mechanics that help keep the affection for motorcycles going.

While we’ve already seen a brief teaser for The Ride with Norman Reedus, AMC viewers will get to take another peek at it during one of the commercial breaks during this weekend’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead. Of course, it’ll probably be all over the Internet immediately after that, so know that it’ll make its way to your eyes at some point.

We’re all waiting to see just who died during the Walking Dead finale, but since that reveal is a long time away, we’re making ourselves content knowing that The Ride with Norman Reedus is just under two months away. It will premiere on AMC on Sunday, June 12, at 9 p.m. ET.

Nick Venable

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