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Sam Raimi Adapting Japanese Anime Noir For Starz

Sam Raimi is finally moving on from the Spider-Man 4 debacle with a project that sounds a hell of a lot more promising, the Wizard of Oz prequel Oz: Great and Powerful, with Robert Downey Jr. likely to star. He's also got plans for directing a remake of the sci-fi film The Day of the Triffids, which would bring him back to his horror roots. But while he's keeping busy, why not add something else to the slate, and a TV project no less?

According to THR, Raimi has gone to Starz with his planned adaptation of Noir, a Japanese anime TV series about two female assassins forced to work together. Stephen Lightfoot will be writing and executive producing alongside Raimi and Rob Tapert. It's unclear how big a role Raimi will play in the actual episode-to-episode function of the show, though it seems like he's more of a larger shepherding force than someone involved in the nitty gritty. Probably for the best, if we want Oz: Great and Powerful to turn out well.

A 2003 review of the original show at IGN described Noir as "an extremely stylistic aim that starts out very promising," and praised the action in particular. Obviously a lot of the style will change in live-action, but anime and genre geeks should have something more than airings of The Matrix to look forward to on Starz.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend