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Samuel L. Jackson Surprises On SNL With Sort-of F-Bomb

It isn’t often that an F-bomb is dropped on the live stage at Saturday Night Live. Charles Rocket notoriously dropped one that may have later influenced network executives to fire him from the show, and Norm MacDonald also uttered one one, once, during a Weekend Update teleprompter flub, later stating during the episode, “Maybe I’ll see you next weekend, folks.” Last night, Samuel L. Jackson popped up during NBC’s sketch comedy show, and dropped a sort-of expletive. You can check out the footage, below.

Appearing in Kenan Thompson’s now-infamous “What Up With That?” sketch, Jackson gets a little heated, dropping the maybe f-bomb, which Kenan plays off with aplomb. At the time, it seemed a little scripted, and today, The Avengers actor took to Twitter to plead his innocence.

“I only said FUH not FUCK! K was sposed to cut off da BULLSHIT, blew it!!”

What was a funny initial idea has still turned into a PR nightmare, but if you listen closely, it really is more of a fuh-bomb, and hopefully won’t incur any wrath from the populace, NBC, the FCC, or the PTC. Digging his own grave, however, Jackson also used the term bullshit, which make the initial fuh-bomb come across even more horribly than it may have, otherwise. At least the sketch was saved, ultimately, by the cuteness of Portlandia’s Carrie Brownstein. That, and the fact that Bill Hader as Lindsay Buckingham never gets old. I think it’s the eyebrows.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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