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If you watched Top Chef earlier tonight, you may have noticed Bravo ran a commercial for the highly anticipated third season of the Masters spin-off. We’ve known for awhile that former Celebrity Apprentice contestant Curtis Stone was set to take the hosting duties from Kelly Choi, but finally, we’ve gotten some concrete details about not only the format but the contestants.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Top Chef: Masters has decided to do away with the preliminary scored episodes. In its place, viewers will see a structure much more closely aligned with a typical Top Chef season. The contestant pool will begin with twelve and be whittled down with standard worst dish eliminations. Each week the quickfire winner will take home five grand for his or her charity, and the elimination challenge victor will claim ten grand for a chosen non-profit.

Here’s a look at the cast:
Hugh Acheson - Five & Ten, The National, Gosford Wine
- Floyd Cardoz - New Danny Meyer restaurant
- John Currence - City Grocery Restaurant Group
- Traci Des Jardins - Jardinière, Mijita Cocina Mexicana and Public House and Manzanita
- George Mendes – ALDEA
- Mary Sue Milliken - Border Grill Restaurants and Truck
- Naomi Pomeroy – Beast
- Suvir Saran – Dévi
- John Rivera Sedlar – Playa
- Alex Stratta – Stratta
- Celina Tio - JULIAN Restaurant
- Sue Zemanick - Gautreau’s

You’ve probably noticed the lack of familiar faces. No Wily or Graham Elliott this time around, but knowing Top Chef’s pedigree, everyone that made the cut will be an established and formidable competitor.

Top Chef: Masters premiers April 6th and will run each Wednesday at 10 PM EST.