Seth MacFarlane Reigns As Roast Master Of Charlie Sheen's Comedy Central Roast

He hassled the Hoff. He tormented Trump. And next month, should winning be on his side, Seth MacFarlane will shake things up at the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen. Comedy Central announced that the Family Guy creator would be master of ceremonies at Sheen’s roast next month.

The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen is set to take place on September 10th, with an airdate of Monday, September 19th at 10:00 p.m., the same night that Two and a Half Men will return for its first season without Sheen. While the CBS comedy resumes without him, Sheen will be sufficiently roasted by his peers. Given his behavior and the headlines he’s made over the past year, I’m thinking the comedians and other roasters brought to the stage to mock him will have plenty to work with.

A good roaster should be comfortable making fun of people to their faces. There’s really no halfway when trying to insult someone and be funny. Confidence is key. In that respect, Seth MacFarlane is an excellent choice for Roast Master. Not only is he just the right amount of funny for an event as highly anticipated as this one, but he’s also done this successfully before. People will be tuning in expecting to laugh and given MacFarlane’s successful track record for running the show, having Roast Mastered David Hasselhoff and Donald Trump’s roasts, he’s more than qualified for the job.

Here’s a clip that demonstrates his hosting style…

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