The results of a new study on televised whiteness have just been released. Brace yourself for this one: late night talk shows are pretty damn white. With figures reaching as high as ninety-six percent of all guests on The Daily Show, the six-week comprehensive data tracking found a higher percentage of white guests than the population percentage would indicate on all the programs studied, save Lopez Tonight. Hispanics were underrepresented across the board and blacks were largely overrepresented by a slight margin. As for women, every program studied underrepresented them, including The Chelsea Handler Show, which featured well below the expected number of female guests.

So, what does this tell us? Well, the study offered a few caveats, largely due to the relatively small sample set, especially for the Daily Show which features just one guest a night; however, the fact that nearly every program overvalued whiteness and undervalued women speaks to these findings being more than just a one-off coincidence. Late night television programs, perhaps more than any other medium, largely try and reflect the pop culture of now. With more men in leading roles of both politics and entertainment, it only stands to reason that a larger percentage of the movers and shakers and people of interest would in fact be men, white men for that matter. Over the last few decades, television has come a long way in representing black Americans, much further so than Hispanic Americans. Late night television is obviously starting to reflect that.

For full results of the study, click on over to Edlundart.

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