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Sons Of Anarchy's Kurt Sutter Talks About DirecTV Possibly Dropping FX

Kurt Sutter’s known for speaking up and speaking his mind when something’s bothering him and in the case of the Fox/DirecTV carriage dispute, which could result in DirecTV subscribers losing FX and thus, losing yet-to-air episodes of Sutter’s excellent drama series Sons of Anarchy it’s unsurprising that the showrunner is weighing in on the subject.

If Fox and DirecTV don’t get things sorted out, subscribers of the satellite service will be losing FX, among other channels, as of November 1st. Sutter will apparently be addressing this situation in a video that’s set to air tonight before Sons of Anarchy’s “Family Recipe” (an episode fans won’t want to miss), however apparently the message Sutter is relaying isn’t quite what he wanted to say.

The Sons of Anarchy showrunner took to his blog to give fans the uncensored version of his thoughts on the issues between Fox and DirecTV, which includes talking about his employer. Here’s a big chunk of the statement, which I considered trimming down, but decided better of it, as he has some really interesting things to say...

First off, I am well aware that I am working for the right-handed smoking man. Truth is, every large entertainment company is an extension of some corporate behemoth. FX is no exception. The thing that keeps me there is that they care as much about the creative process as they do their bottom line. That's not only rare, it's pretty much nonexistent everywhere else in Hollywood. That bubble is floated by John Landgraf. If it weren't for that guy, I'd be selling star maps and handjobs in front of the Motherlode. I also have no delusions that Fox has a big horse in this DTV race. Like all big corporate deals, the Goliaths are fighting for bigger chunks of the pie and in the process, the Davids who feed off of the crumbs, are getting screwed. But if you look at the facts, you'll see that DirecTV is applying orange rules to an ever apple-ing world and using their large customer base as leverage. Basically, fucking over the customers that already pay a lot of money for their service.

This is followed by his versions of the scripts he wasn’t able to use for the FX televised promo, which you can read here. He points out what I’m sure a lot of Sons fans already know. If DirecTV drops FX, subscribers will be missing out on the last five episodes of the season. He also includes the link to The whole thing is posted under the blimp image (shown above) with the message, “DirecTV Fuck You.” Something tells me there will be a lot of subscribers saying or thinking the same thing if they lose FX, which is not only the home to Sons of Anarchy, but also It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League, Archer and American Horror Story.


You can watch Kurt's video for FX here.

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