Stan Lee is no stranger to Fox’s long-running animated comedy, The Simpsons. The comic book legend appeared in a Season 13 episode of the comedy and will now be popping up in an episode next season, which is a little bit of a bigger deal, since the next batch of episodes will mark the show’s 25th season on air.

The X-Men creator will pop up in The Simpsons playing himself. According to EW, Lee will show up in an episode that will focus on the character of Comic Book Guy and his store. The 90-year-old’s voice work will include a guest appearance to the store where the famed Marvel frontman will talk about love and comics. In addition to Lee’s guest stint, the episode will also feature Homer bumbling around and potentially ruining a new relationship between Comic Book Guy and a Japanese manga lover and customer who frequents the shop.

You would think that at age 90 Lee would be slowing down, but he really has shown no signs of stopping (a la Barbara Walters), still popping up in the Marvel franchise movies and even hosting the now-cancelled Who Wants to be A Superhero? on Syfy and, more recently, Stan Lee’s Superhumans on The History Channel. The Simpsons stint should prove to be one more strange and fun adventure for the man.

Lee’s casting news should be one of many special guest stars signing on for The Simpsons’ year 25. We’ll keep you posted as new castings develop.

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