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While there’s been no shortage of independent Star Trek projects over the years, to varying degrees of artistic success, Star Trek: Renegades could be looking to break out from the pack as an impressive example of what can be done outside the realm of studios. The debut trailer has just been released, showcasing impressive visual effects and an even more impressive cast of Star Trek alumni. It’s a surreal, seemingly anachronistic collection of cast members, thrown together to stop a time-collapsing threat.

The product of years of crowdfunding from Kickstarter and Indiegogo and a lot of dedication on the part of some serious fans, the goal of Star Trek: Renegades is primarily to serve as a TV pilot with the hopes that it is picked up by franchise owners at CBS or that it manifests a web series. Directed by Tim Russ, Tuvok from Star Trek: Voyager (who also serves as a primary character), it’s packed with instantly recognizable cast members from the various Trek shows like Walter Koenig, Robert Picardo, Manu Intiraymi, Gary Graham and Richard Herd.

Despite the awesome array of alumni, the pilot seems to focus primarily on an original character named Lexxa Singh (Adrienne Wilkinson), who is said to be a “bastard daughter” of Khan Noonien Singh. (Presumably, the pre-Abrams, non-Cumberbatch version.) A brief glimpse into her personality shows her to be a formidable warrior and a cunning commander who has been tasked with heading a seriously important off-the-books mission to investigate a newly-discovered planet that's caught the attention of some select Starfleet brass such as an oddly-spry 143 year-old Pavel Chekov and the U.S.S. Voyager’s former Chief of Security, Tuvok, who now heads the Star Trek mythos’ autonomous clandestine intelligence organization, Section 31.

Lexxa’s mission, should she choose to accept it (of course, she does), apparently involves taking the big chair on a mission fraught with danger, manned by a crew of “renegades” not bound by The Federation’s Prime Directive of non-interference with new worlds. They are tasked to investigate a mysteriously manifested planet that is believed to be connected to a drastic disappearance of dilithium crystals; an apparent heist that could leave the entire Alpha Quadrant floating helplessly in the sea of space without warp speed travel. As we can see, there are clearly other sinister forces at play in this conspiracy story that should, thankfully, lead to some impressive-looking space battles, as well as some Borg badassery in the form of Manu Intiraymi’s Icheb, who some may remember from the later seasons of Star Trek: Voyager.

Renegades does appear to be an intriguing project. While there does seems to be a few spots in this trailer that scream “fan film” and some of the aesthetic choices of the costume designs seem questionable, it’s nonetheless impressive considering the independent, crowd-funded nature of the project. The full Star Trek: Renegades pilot should be set to debut sometime this summer!

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