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Star Trek: Renegades Wants To Make New Episodes, Get The Details

Television is nothing if not a series of trends butting into one another, and we all know one good turn deserves another. So it’s no deep space-sized surprise that CBS’ recent announcement that it’s bringing a new Star Trek series to audiences is paired with the fan film Star Trek: Renegades trying to convince people that another giant episode (or maybe two) is worth your money. The producers are boldly going back down the crowdsourcing path to get it.

While the big screen Star Trek universe has taken the franchise into renewed territories, the small screen doesn’t mind sticking to the original canon in certain ways, and part of the draw for more Star Trek: Renegades is getting to see former Trek stars coming together for more adventures. Actually, this second and potentially final Renegades episode will apparently serve as the final performance as Admiral Pavel Chekov for actor Walter Koenig, who starred in the original series and first batch of films. Plus there’s Tim Russ (also directing) back as Tuvok, and other franchise actors appearing in the project include Robert Picardo, Robert Beltran, Aron Eisenberg and Hana Hate. So that’s reason enough to want to see it right there.

Co-creator Sky Conway is looking to bring in $350,000 for the final episode, and he and his team are well on their way to reaching that amount, with a $600,000 goal set to get a third episode produced. He brought in Star Trek: The Next Generation writer Melissa Snodgrass and other new creative team members.

Renegades centers on a group of fugitives working with Chekov and Tuvok to expose corrupted members of the Federation, along with other troublesome tasks. It’s a story that could certainly make it to three episodes, if not more, should the show get picked up somewhere and somehow. Other actors involved are Adrienne Wilkinson, Sean Young, and Edward Furlong.

You can head to the campaign’s Kickstarter page to contribute and get a selection of swag, like DVDs and Blu-rays with bonus features, or getting your name used as a character in a novelization of the episode. Get that name in sci-fi print. And again, if enough money is made, we’ll get two more episodes instead of one. Check out the campaign video below.

The campaign ends on December 2, so if this is something that captures your starfleets of fancy, be a part of making it happen. Until then, you can think about whether you’re going to subscribe to CBS All Access to stream CBS’ exclusive Star Trek project. These are strange days, Trek fans.

Nick Venable
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