Stephen King's The Mist May Become A TV Series

TV has been something of a reboot-a-palooza recently as old franchises are brought back to life and films are restructured as series. Spike TV is looking to do something different with a potential new show based on a classic Stephen King novella that promises to bring the creepy from page to small screen. The network has officially ordered a production pilot based on The Mist.

The original series will tell a harrowing story about a mist that seems innocuous enough as it seeps into a small town but soon creates immense havoc. The Mist marks the first production pilot ordered by Spike for a dramatic series since the network shifted its programming focus toward general entertainment. While that shift was great for those of us who can kill whole chunks of time watching episodes of Lip Sync Battle, The Mist on Spike is an exciting prospect for the rest of us.

If the show follows the plot of the novella, there will be all manner of monstrous beings hiding in the mist to rip through the population of the town. Early reports of a series based on The Mist did unfortunately confirm that it will follow an original story using the source material as a guide rather than a strict outline. While that’s no reason to believe that The Mist will be any less fantastic, it is a shame that Stephen King’s twisted tale isn’t going to be followed particularly closely.

The Mist on Spike won’t be the first time that King’s novella has been adapted for the screen. It was turned into a feature film in 2007 that more or less followed the source material, aside from a change to the ending that made the movie unforgettable. Even Stephen King was a huge fan of the change. The film was helped by the fact that it was helmed by master of horror Frank Darabont, but it also proved the premise is a winner.

He may not be Frank Darabont, but Mist executive producer Christian Torpe has what it takes to make good TV. Torpe created the successful show Rita in Denmark, which is currently in its fourth season. In addition, he’s written for many projects and developed programming for both Showtime and AMC. He may well be the perfect person to bring a series based on this particular Stephen King story to Spike.

Of course, Spike ordering a pilot doesn’t mean that a series order is a sure thing. There’s still a long road ahead before The Mist might hit the airwaves as an ongoing saga. We can only hope that the pilot goes well enough that we get a chance to see if The Mist works as well on television as it did in film and on page.

Mist or not, Stephen King will still have a presence on the small screen. His novel The Stand is being developed into an eight-part miniseries on Showtime, a limited series based on Mr. Mercedes is in the works and 11/22/63 kicked off on Hulu earlier this month.

Laura Hurley
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