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Things just keep looking worse for Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson. The popular host was recently suspended from the BBC series after allegedly punching producer Oisin Tymon in the face following an on-set dispute over a lack of a hot dinner. Now, he’s come out of the woodwork to rant about the suspension, claiming he will be fired from the series when it’s all over. The rant is pretty full of curses and slanders, so keep that in mind before moving forward.

You would think that now would be a great time for Clarkson to keep quiet as his fate is decided by the Top Gear powers that be, but that’s just not in the man’s personality. At a charity gala at the London Roundhouse on Thursday, Clarkson took shots at the bosses in charge of Top Gear, noting they had “fucked it up.” He also all but claimed his sacking is inevitable, according to the Mirror.
I didn't foresee my sacking, but I would like to do one last lap. So I'll go down to Surrey and I'll do one last lap of that track before the fucking bastards sack me.

While Clarkson seemed as boisterous as ever at the charity event, he also seemed resigned to the fact that he won’t be returning to Top Gear anytime soon. It’s no wonder. Clarkson has gotten into trouble on the BBC series in the past, and most recently was in the spotlight after getting caught on camera using a racial slur while citing a nursery rhyme. Interestingly, while Clarkson might be resigned to his fate, his two work partners, Richard Hammond and James May, are reportedly still fighting for Clarkson. Reports have indicated that the two other Top Gear names are taking an all for one and one for all approach regarding Clarkson’s suspension and potential return.

Clearly Jeremy Clarkson is a bit of a loose cannon, and if the punching incident has been accurately reported, he and producer Oisin Tymon do not play well together. But Top Gear is an extremely lucrative franchise for the BBC, largely due to Clarkson’s automobile knowledge and onscreen personality. A lot of fans would hate to see him go. At least the BBC is expected to make a decision regarding the actor’s fate soon.

In the meantime, you can catch part of Clarkson’s most recent rant in the video, below.

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