Over the summer, Syfy premiered Sharknado, a film that blew up via social media outlets like Twitter, did better in repeat airings, and spawned a sequel. Now, the network is hoping to repeat its social media success with two more movies featuring outlandish premises. The new offerings will premiere before the New Year and are rolling with the titles Beast of the Bering Sea and Stonados.

The first, entitled Beast Of The Bering Sea, comes from the same company behind the Sharknado franchise, The Asylum. Its laughably brilliant plot follows two siblings who are prospecting in the title body of water for gold when they wind up in an underwater cave. Unfortunately, said cave happens to house a brood of sea vampires, a species that is exactly like its name indicates. The bloodthirsty, bloodsucking amphibious predators will immediately start wreaking havoc and causing a scene. Jonathan Lipnicki (the little kid from Jerry Maguire) and Sharknado’s Cassie Scerbo will star.

The other original movie, Stonados, has apparently been in the works for a while and was even scheduled to appear on the network back in April. However, the Boston-based movie was rescheduled after the Boston Marathon Bombings occurred, and rightly so. Apparently enough time has passed to bring the movie back. If you missed out on the Stonados advertising the first time around, it’s a disaster movie following “a freak weather system” that “hurls deadly boulders.” In short, it’s what would happen if a troll and a tornado got together and made a baby and said baby got really angry.

Both new movies will hit the schedule next month. Beast of the Bering Sea will premiere first, grabbing the ultra coveted (just kidding) 9 p.m. timeslot on Saturday, November 9. Stonado is also getting a Saturday premiere, first airing on Syfy on Saturday, November 23 at 9 p.m. ET.

If nothing else, Syfy movies are a hell of a lot of fun, and it’s nice to see the network is fully aware of that. While it’s impossible to know whether either of these films will be able to approach the breakout success of Sharknado, there’s every reason to believe both of these efforts will entertain the hell out of viewers.

For a reminder of why you need to carve out some DVR space for the above movies, as well as the Sharknado sequel, you can go ahead and check out the laughably, over the top and oddly brilliant trailer for the original Sharknado below…

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