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Syfy Developing TV Series Based On The Adjustment Bureau

As reported by Deadline, Syfy will be developing a television series based on The Adjustment Bureau. George Nolfi, writer/director for the film adaptation from earlier this year, will be executive producing the new TV series along with former Smallville EPs Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin. Swimmer and Slavkin will be writing the new show.

The Adjustment Bureau starred Matt Damon and Emily Blunt as two people, a politician and a dancer, whose romance comes under attack by the mysterious government agency by the same name of the film. This bureau (light spoiler alert) uses its powers and clout to push the lives of people in a specific direction, in this case one that did not include Damon and Blunt's characters as a couple. The film was built heavily around the idea of destiny; Damon and Blunt spend most of film fighting against the Bureau, trying to make their own place in the world. The film was actually based off a short story called Adjustment Team by the science fiction god, Philip K. Dick.

Philip Dick's writings have spawned a few television programs and an incredible number of film adaptations, some of which are amongst the most recognizable in the genre. Blade Runner, Minority Report, A Scanner Darkly, and Total Recall (which is coming back to the big screen next summer, by the way) are probably the most famous movie adaptations of Philip K. Dick's work. Anyway, I think the concept behind The Adjustment Bureau is at least reasonably well suited for the episodic TV format and the Syfy channel in particular, of course, and we'll be keeping an eye for more details as they come.