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Raise your hand if you expected the remake of Hawaii Five-O to be terrible. It’s okay, I certainly did. In fact, I felt even more validated with this premature opinion when my parents caught the premiere and told me it was “halfway decent”. Turns out my parents aren’t the only ones who think so. Today, the syndication rights for the program were sold to TNT for get this: more than two million an episode. That’s about what The Mentalist and NCIS: Los Angeles fetched.

According to Deadline, reruns won’t start airing on the cable channel until 2014, which is completely reasonable since Hawaii Five-O has been on the air for all of one season. You need to build up a little more of a base before you can start reshowing the twenty episodes thus far in the can.

Isn’t it amazing how much things have changed in such a short amount of time? It seems like only yesterday that most programs waited until they were entirely finished with their runs before airing in syndication. With more cable networks in play though, it’s becoming increasingly important to bid early. Plus, having a guaranteed two million dollars per episode certainly helps the chances for renewal. CBS hasn’t greenlit Hawaii Five-O for a return yet, but with recent episodes averaging nearly twenty million, there was little doubt even before this deal. Look for it to return next season in the same or an equally cushy timeslot.

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