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TV Recap: The Amazing Race- It Was Like A Caravan Of Idiots

It’s about time that I make a prediction on who will win the The Amazing Race and doom that team to certain defeat. Many people so far have predicted Tammy and Victor while I have seen some people who think Mel’s groin will last long enough to push him and Mike to victory. Not me. I’m going out on a limb and choosing a young good looking team. Sarcasm aside, Amanda and Kris are my pick to win it all. They are smart enough, athletic, and get along quite well even during stressful moments like misplacing their knapsack last week. Of course, I wrote this before the show starts so inevitably they’ll be eaten alive by weevils or something .

After last week’s major screw up by Brad and Victoria, we are left with:

The show begins as usual with a recap of last week and a short tease about tonight. It appears Margie and Luke might use the Blind U-turn. Oh you sneaky devils! The episode begins with Mel and Mike departing first at 10:49pm. Teams will fly to Moscow and then travel to Krasndynarsk, Siberia. Teams will then head to a hydroelectric dam to find their next clue. All the other teams depart not much later on. While driving, teams try and call the airlines. Somehow, one cabbie calls another and Mark/Michael think they are talking to an airline when in fact they are talking to Cara and Jaime. Lucky for them, Cara and Jaime did not try to be malicious and the call ends. The amount of flights are insane so teams are on four different flights to Moscow. All teams should then hopefully, be on the same flight to Krasndynarsk. However, only three teams made it on the first flight to Krasndynarsk. Mark/Michael, Kisha/Jen, and Christie/Jodi, are the only teams to make it to the hydroelectric dam at opening. The clue states that teams are to head to the Church of Saint Innokenty to find their next clue. Mark and Michael arrive first and find a detour. Teams have to stack firewood in a traditional manner or construct traditional wood shutters and deliver them to a particular house. For reasons unknown to me, Mark/Michael, Kisha/Jen, and Christie/Jodi all decide to stack the wood. It’s a lot of wood and it doesn’t look easy.

The 2nd flight with the five other teams finally arrives at about the time it seems the other three are stacking wood. The Russians monitoring the wood stacking seem quite drunk which isn’t stereotypical at all. I swear one lady had a vodka I.V. intact. While building, Mark/Michael knock not only their stack over but one of the locals. Once it fell the guys fled the area and decided to go build the shutters. Jen/Kisha finish their wood stacking first and receive word of a U-Turn coming ahead. This year, the U-turn is blind which means the team receiving the U-turn wouldn’t know who punished them. Kisha/Jen and Christie/Jodi decide not to use the U-Turn and then head to Bobrovy Log Park to find their next clue. At the Bobrovy Log Park, teams face a road block. One teammate must find some letters while riding a bob sled. Then they must unscramble the letters to reveal the name of Chekhov, the famous playwright. If the teams don’t see all six letters, they must ride it again. Kisha only got six letters the first time so she had to ride it again. After the second time, they got all the letters and they even guessed on the name and got it right.

The rest of the teams arrive at the dam with Amanda/Kris in a slight lead. At the detour, teams again decide to mostly stack wood. What is wrong with you people? Three of the team stacking, Cara/Jaime, Amanda/Kris, and Mel/Mike have their stacks tumble over very near the end of the task. Only Margie/Luke and Tammy/Victor kept theirs up. Mel/Mike decide to do the other challenge after their catastrophic drop along with Amanda and Kris. Margie/Luke finish and then decide to U-Turn Amanda and Kris. Oh yes, the curse of my prediction rears its ugly head. Poor Amanda and Kris. However, my spidey sense is tingling that tonight isn’t an elimination.

Kisha and Jen are in first place and find the clue that sends them to Krasnoyarsk Theater which is the pit stop. Kisha and Jen finish in 2nd place and are both fighting to reach the pit stop in first. Christie and Jodi capitalize on the other team getting lost and reach the pit stop in first place. Kisha and Jen finish a few seconds later.

Tammy and Victor jump to third place and take off for the pit stop. Luke struggles with knowing who Chekhov is and declares he doesn’t have a clue. After about five attempts, he still can’t figure it out. You know what, I’ll criticize the deaf kid. He whines like a little bitch whenever frustrated. Get over it man. He finally gets it right and they head to the pit stop in fourth place. Cara/Jaime arrive in 5th place.

The teams doing the shutter detour take forever to find the damn house. Men always get lost apparently. Amanda/Kris realize they have been u-turned and there is no chance they can avoid last place. Mel/Mike finish in 6th with the stuntmen in 7th apparently. Drama is injected into the moment because Mark/Michael don’t have enough cab money but they still arrive in 7th place. Amanda/ Kris finally arrive at the pit stop and are eliminated. Well the internet is so full of kumbayah feelings for Luke so it’ll be interesting to see if people still like him as much. Eh, it’s part of the game but it’s always a shame when a great team gets eliminated early. Well, the curse of my predictions continues. But how cool is it that a couple can stay so supportive and nice throughout the show! They are much better people than Margie and her whiny son, Luke. See you next week.