TV Recap: Friday Night Lights - Game Of The Week

Everybody's love life is in shambles in Dillon this week. The Riggins boys both lose their women, Eric and Tammy have their romantic night interrupted, and Tyra actually figures out that running away with an unstable pill-head rodeo rider was probably a bad idea. So, it wasn't all bad.

Tim gets back from his tearful goodbye with Jason in New York, only to find his truck crashed into a tree on his lawn. He walks inside only to find Billy passed out on the couch surrounded by piles of booze bottles and a life-sized cardboard cutout of a woman, while wearing a disturbing lack of clothing. Seriously. For the first time in my life, I regretted having a big HD TV. I saw things no one should have to.

Predictably, the detritus in the house and Billy's mental state were both due to Mindy dumping him. Ordinarily, it would come as no surprise that Billy is unable to hold onto a woman, but he and Mindy are just so horribly perfect for each other, that I kind of thought it would last forever.

Tim focuses on getting his brother through this rough time, which of course involves tequila. This pisses Lila off, since a college recruiter has basically hunted Tim down and is desperately trying to get him to go to college. Tim, who was into the idea enough just two weeks ago to make a highlight video, has now gone back to the Tim who drinks and blows off appointments in order to sabotage himself.

Lila finally has enough of his antics and leaves him on the side of the road without a coat when he refuses to take the meeting with the recruiter seriously. She runs into Mindy the next day and they decide to put aside their differences and have an anti-Riggins dance party. Large amounts of vodka are consumed and everything is going well, until Billy comes banging on the window and Mindy loses all of her resolve, leaving Lila to have a party of one.

All is not lost though, since the next morning, Tim comes by as Lila is nursing her hangover. The roles are switched as he's all bright and cheery while she just wants to die. He informs her that he finally met with the recruiter and that he's in. Tim Riggins is officially the first (and probably the last) Riggins to go to college, and all is forgiven.

Tyra is still on the road with her jackhole rodeo boyfriend, who surprise, surprise, owes a lot of bad dudes a lot of money. After freaking out about only getting second place and losing a bunch of money in a poker game, he pushes Tyra down and leaves her in a super-rapey bar. It's at that point that Tyra finally realizes she may have made a mistake, and understands that she needs to get the hell out of Dallas.

Unfortunately, her mom is out of town, and Mindy's too busy having a dance party with Lila to answer her phone. Stuck without money or a way home, Tyra does what any high school girl in trouble would do-- she calls the principal's private cell phone number and asks for a ride. Tammy of course obliges, and she and Eric make the drive down to Dallas to rescue her.

Turns out they didn't get there a moment too soon, since Jackhole rodeo dude is not pleased with Tyra's attempts to leave him. He tries to physically restrain her from going anywhere, and I get really excited that Eric is going to give him a beatdown, but he totally doesn't. Tyra manages to safely get into the car, and Eric doesn't even run over him a little bit or anything. It was pretty disappointing.

As disappointed as I was that Eric didn't kill that guy, Eric was disappointed that the lovely evening he had planned for he and Tammy was interrupted. It's Tammy's birthday, so instead of making a big deal out of it, Eric got Julie to watch Gracie and booked a fancy hotel room for the two of them. There was champagne, chocolates and even hotel robes that Eric promised they could steal. What made the night even more perfect was the fact that Dillon won their first playoff game, one that happened to be on national television, so it was a good night all around-- well, until Tyra, that is.

Dillon's win came in no small part due to Matt's new position as wide receiver. He and Riggins were both at the top of their game, and between the two of them, they help the Panthers come from behind for the win.

Even though Matt has been a pretty high-profile football player, he doesn't seem to be getting much college interest. However, he's still planning on going, even if he won't be playing football. His mother wants to help him do this, and is willing to take care of his grandmother so he can go. His grandmother still thinks she's the devil, however, so isn't very up on that idea. Even though they kind of bond after Matt saves the big game, they're not exactly besties, so Matt's whole college prospects are still kind of up in the air.

With all of this talk about college, it feels like Friday Night Lights is coming to an end. We've already lost Smash and Jason, now it looks like we're going to lose Riggins, Lila and Matt. Can Friday Night Lights survive after this? Post your thoughts below.