TV Recap: Friday Night Lights - New York, New York

First off, I want to just say that I am very annoyed that FNL was filming in New York and I had no idea. Granted, I don't spend much time in Grand Central or Times Square, but still-- I may have made an exception.

I've really been enjoying this season, but this episode was the best one so far. Scott Porter, who plays Jason Street, is a great actor, but I've been bored with his character since midway through the first season. It was time for him to go, and they did a great job with his exit-- they even made Riggins cry!

Actually, there was love all around in this episode, except for Tyra. Oh, Tyra, Tyra, Tyra. Let's talk about her first. She's still with Cash, that jackhole rodeo guy, and despite her and Tammy's extensive efforts to get her into college, she looks like she's going to follow in the steps of her mom and sister, and blow everything off for a worthless dude.

Tyra had a college admissions interview for a school that specifically leaves spots open for people like her: those who didn't necessarily always take school seriously, but have turned things around. Sounds great, right? Tammy certainly thought so, and Tyra did too-- until stupid Cash entered the picture.

She was at the school, all ready for her admissions interview, when Cash calls. She first tells the interviewer to hold on so she can take the call, and then decides that it's the appropriate time to ask Cash if he's going to be faithful to her while he's on the road for the next six months. To his credit, he doesn't lie and say yes, instead, telling her that there are going to be a “lot of cold nights.” He's a skeeze, but at least he's honest.

Tyra is upset by this news, so she basically biffs the interview, or at least that's what I'm assuming by Tammy's awkward, “I think it went... fine” answer, when Tyra asked her if she had heard from the interviewer. Instead of following Tammy's advice by continuing to apply for colleges and just plugging away, Tyra decides to run away with Cash, presumably so she can make sure that he's not going to warm himself up on those cold nights with anyone else. Something tells me this isn't going to go well.

Also not going well is Tammy's desire for a new house. Katie McCoy apparently dabbles in real estate and shows Tammy her dream house. She's completely and utterly in love with this home, but it's a little out of their price range (seriously: this place is a McMansion). Eric comes to see the place and basically has the same reaction I do, which is “Dude. I coach for the Panthers, not the freakin' Cowboys.”

He tells her that their mortgage would double(!) if they bought this house, and if they did it he would never be able to sleep again. Even though Tammy can see their future in the house, even she agrees at the end that it's probably not the wisest purchase at this time.

The only other big news going on in Texas, is of course, about football. The assistant coach for the Panthers has a heart attack, so a temporary replacement is needed. Buddy Garrity is right in the hospital room suggesting that they get JD McCoy's personal QB coach for the job.

Eric, of course bristles at the McCoy's becoming more entrenched in his life, but ultimately decides that it makes the most sense. He makes it clear that it's only a temporary gig, just so there's no misunderstanding. However, I'd be surprised if that actually happened. What wouldn't surprise me, however, would be if Taylor soon found himself in competition for his own job.

Matt has already lost his job to JD, so he's trying to figure out what else to do. He brings up the idea of playing wide receiver, which Eric quickly shoots down. Julie, however, has her mother's tenacity and tells him not to give up. They're back together, which I love, so Julie is helping him out. She brings up the idea again when they're all together at dinner, and doesn't back down until Eric agrees to give Matt a shot.

While Matt's tryout consisted of completing ten passes perfectly before Eric would even think about letting him off the bench and switch positions. Matt does the first nine perfectly, but misses the tenth. Eric, however, tells him it was a piss poor pass and tells him he'll think about it anyway. At the next practice, Eric lets him play receiver, and a new job for Matt may be born.

So now onto the heart of this episode. Jason Street is leaving Texas. He's following his girlfriend and baby to the East coast to make a new life for himself as a sports agent. Well, that's the idea at least. It turns out that getting a job as a sports agent in New York City is a little bit more difficult than getting a job as a car salesman at Garrity Motors. Who would have thought?

Matt gets into see Grant, the sports agent, only to find out that the people who normally apply for the entry-level jobs are Harvard graduates. What's more, is that Street's friend, Wendall, completely screwed him over by not signing with him, so he's not even sure how much longer he'll have a job himself.

Jason leaves dejected, but Riggins comes to a logical conclusion: if Jason can get Wendell to sign with Grant, he'll have leverage and will get the job. Jason sets out to do just that, and to no one's surprise, is successful. He returns to the agency with Wendall in tow and gets his job.

His next stop is New Jersey to see Noah and Erin. I don't know what part of New Jersey he's in, but it's a hell of a lot nicer than any part I've seen, which makes me think he's going to have a looong commute ahead of him. Anyway, Erin's home, and he tells her that he got the job and is going to find a place nearby to live. He wants it to be with them, but he understands if that's not what she wants.

Of course, it is what she wants, and they have a tearful reunion, and the whole thing is just very lovely. Even Riggins, who has been waiting by the taxi this entire time, starts crying. It's a perfect ending to the episode and a perfect ending to Jason Street's storyline on the show.