TV Recap: Gossip Girl - The Grandfather

It's season one of Gossip Girl all over again! This entire episode revolved around Nate and Blair, although the difference is that the action kept them apart (well, mostly anyway). Blair set forth on a rather impressive downward spiral, while Nate found himself on an upward one. Interestingly enough, they seem to have met in the middle, but we'll get to that in a moment.

Blair is lounging around in lingerie and drinking with Carter, Chuck's slimy nemesis. It seems as though Chuck getting her away from him is going to be some big thing, but Serena quickly dispatches him within the first ten minutes of the episode by blackmailing him with some mystery events that happened in Greece and offering him a plane ticket to Dubai. What's funny is I don't think we actually get a reaction from Blair about Carter's sudden departure. He's just... gone.

But, like he said before he left, getting rid of him isn't going to magically make Blair all better. Despite a brief attempt to beg the dean to let her into Sarah Lawrence, Blair has realized her college dreams are dashed, and is acting accordingly: mainly by making a complete ass out of herself at Nate's family's fancy party.

Blair's trying to prove that nothing matters by offending society ladies and trying to seduce Chuck. Chuck, despite wanting Blair back, doesn't go along with it, because he wants her to be at her best when he finally wins her. What's the sport of hunting wounded prey?

As much as Serena and Chuck try to help Blair out, nothing really works. She's still adrift in life, and it seems that the only one who understands her plight is Nate, which actually makes sense. They dated forever, and they understand the life they are supposed to lead-- unlike Vanessa.

Vanessa and Dan, who look oddly like a couple throughout this entire episode, by the way, convince Nate to be accepted back into the family fold. Not the Archibalds, mind you, but his mother's more prestigious family, the Vanderbilts. Now if this is supposed to be the Vanderbilts, then that means Nate is related to Anderson Cooper—and is officially awesome.

Anyway, Nate attends his family reunion, and Vanessa gets thrown into her training as a Stepford wife. Nate, for his part, plays one game of touch football and gets one hug from his Grandfather, and stops being the “backpacking through Europe” rich kid, and turns into the “interning for the mayor” rich kid that he was always meant to be.

Vanessa doesn't care for this, because while she wants him to be happy, she only wants him to be happy if his happiness fits in with her ideals and desires. Since an internship with the mayor doesn't, she gets upset and leaves the party in a huff.

Afterwards, she's talking to Dan and Jenny and tries to figure out if she and Nate broke up or not. Hopefully they did, because if not, the fact that Nate appears to be spending the night with Blair is going to be extra awkward.

But really, even if they are broken up, Nate had better protect himself. Case in point: Serena, after hearing about how Dan and Rachel had sex in the costume closet, marches up to Dan and slaps him in the face. What the hell? I really loathe this type of behavior on television. What if it had been the other way around, and Dan had slapped Serena and then they had a big laugh over it? People would be outraged. This should be no different.

Elsewhere, Lily and Rufus are still together, even though I had nearly forgotten about them. They somehow think it's a good idea to make a list of all of the people who they've slept with. What I find annoying about this is that Lily and Serena make such a big deal out of how many people Lily has had sex with, and how it “would take 20 minutes to get through the 90s alone,” yet her entire list is only two pages long. I would estimate there were about 20 names to Rufus' 13, and somehow it's a big deal. It makes no sense to me.

So Gossip Girl continues its tradition of breaking people up for no reason, with the whole Vanessa and Nate thing. I doubt he and Blair are actually going to get back together though. Either way, it's boring and proves that Gossip Girl doesn't know how to handle relationships at all.