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TV Recap: Life - The Business Of Miracles

Liar, liar. Pants on fire. That’s what I was singing all the way through this Monday’s episode of Life. First, there’s Jack Reese who’s lying about everything in his life. Then, there’s Charlie’s ex-lawyer and ex-love interest who’s saying she never heard Jack Reese be implicated in the murders of Charlie’s best friend and his family. And, of course, let’s not forget about the dozen or so suspects who could have killed a scientist named Dr. Hourback. Yup, one of them is definitely lying.

Dr. Hurback was a scientist who was testing cancer drugs on animals. So his death naturally occurs in the lab and on the window is written, “animal testing is murder.” Something not so natural about his death: He was frozen to death because some one switched his oxygen tank with a liquid nitrogen tank. But who could have done it? Maybe it was the group, BAT, that has sent Dr. Hourback death threats?

According to the group’s leader, Betsy, they wouldn’t hurt any soul, even one like Dr. Hourback’s. She seems sweet enough. She even tells the other member to be quiet when he says it’s good the doctor is dead. So if it wasn’t her, maybe it was the assistant who seems too concerned with the results of the test. Or maybe the janitor? Or the company’s owner? Hmm. I can’t decide, and neither can Crews and Reese so they do a little more digging and come up with…Betsy, the leader of Ban and the good doctor’s former assistant who left because they were having an affair. Say what?

I know, it’s a crazy little twist but it turns out that Betsy’s real name is Deborah and she and Dr. Hourback never stopped their affair. And while it seems she has the perfect motive of conflicted emotions, she also has a videotaped alibi. So then Crews and Reese move on to the janitor, who originally said he saw Betsy at the lab that day. Turns out the janitor is stealing pills from the study and selling them. Or so it looks when he gives the box of pills to a woman on a park bench in return for an envelope full of…pictures? When Crews and Reese dig a little deeper they find the janitor’s son has cancer and the pills have been working for him and the woman is his ex-wife. I guess he has a good motive, too. And more importantly, he confesses to the murder. But something isn’t right. Along with the dead doctor, there were lots of dead lab rats. The only dead rats, though, were rats with red tags so why would only those rats be dead and who would want to kill them?

With the help of then now cleared ex-assistant, Crews and Reese learn that the red tagged rats were the control rats and you would want those to be gone if you didn’t want other people to know the experiment was a failure. And who would want that? Yup, the new assistant. Turns out she knew the janitor was stealing pills and blackmailed him. But he wasn’t such a moron that he didn’t have evidence damning her. He had a formula she wrote computing how much liquid nitrogen it would take to kill a man the doctor’s size. So the dedicated assistant killed the doctor after all. She had spent seven years working with him and now her career would be over because the drug was a failure. It was only helping the janitor’s son because he had an extremely rare form of cancer. It wouldn’t work on the mainstream cases. Guess that liar is busted.

The other liars are a little harder to catch. Although now Crews does have a GPS/bug on Jack Reese’s car. It’s a good one, too. Jus this week he heard Jack telling a guy that he still had the daughter of Crew’s old friend and that he was the only one who she would talk to. Liar. Then he heard the guy tell Jack that he was quite disposable. The most telling thing that happened, though, was Dani Reese asked her dad over a family dinner if he really sent an innocent man to jail. His response? He told her to get out of his house. Oh yeah, he’s a big liar.

The last and most confusing liar is Crew’s old lawyer. She and Charlie had a little bit of a love connection and she was the one who overheard the confession from the guy who really killed his old best friend. She also heard that guy say that Jack Reese was the one behind Crew’s set-up. But now she says she’s never heard Jack Reese be implicated in any way. I’m sorry, come again? I don’t know what’s happening there but I need to know more.

By the way, total cuteness erupting, finally, between Captain Tidwell and Reese. Ted is looking for a teaching job at a college and Charlie’s ex-wife slapped him in the face because he asked her new husband for permission to sleep with her. High-larious.

Oh yeah, and I must share with you the funniest line I’ve heard from any show in a long time. The group BAT wore shoes made of Jim, the founder. He donated his body to be used as fashion products to prove that people were just like animals. And when Crews asked if they would really put their slogan on the wall of the lab where the doctor was killed, Reese answered, “They put dead people on their feet. Putting slogans on the wall seems pretty normal compared to that.”