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TV Recap: Lipstick Jungle – Chapter Four: Bombay Highway

Nico spills the beans to the girls about her affair with Kirby, then agonizes over whether to tell her husband. Plus, she’s got Kirby’s nasty sexual harassment lawsuit to deal with, and rumors are flying fast and furious around the office.

What it all boils down to is that Kirby is miffed that Nico still has a nice career while he’s slinging drinks at a local pub. But, apparently, he’s not too miffed. He ends up dropping the suit, and the two walk hand in hand into the sunset. Well, down the street together anyway. The fastest resolution in lawsuit history.

Wendy pursues a new film project, but first things first. After getting turned on by the sight of her hubby doing the laundry, they get busy on top of the washing machine. Do real people do this? Because everyone I know with a family and thriving career is too tired for sex.

Victory gets hyped about designing a new dress for Wendy’s star actress. But when the actress goes all freaky over her boyfriend giving her the brush-off for another girl, she gets drunk and crashes into a limo into a bunch of cars at the movie premiere. No matter. Victory’s dress and Wendy’s actress still get lots of press when she exits the police station in the middle of the night to a flood of paparazzi.

One of the highlights of this show is Victory’s assistant (I guess funny assistants who are smarter than their bosses are all the rage on TV this year). But this show is going to have to step up the pace to keep viewers hooked. Although I care more about these women than I do the Cashmere Mafia caricatures, I need more. Much more.

In short, the monkeys scurrying behind the scenes of Lipstick Jungle need to start thinking like it’s an HBO or Showtime series, only without the nasty language and gratuitous sex not allowed on network TV. Think outside the box, people. It’s not that difficult.