TV Recap: Project Runway - Reunion

It’s the reunion show tonight, so I have a feeling this is going to be a pretty quick recap. I’m basically just going to hit the highlights for you.

Kit and Elisa blah blah about how happy they are to inspire kids, but Sweet P’s favorite part about being on Project Runway is being accosted by celebrities—even when Brad Pitt is around. I’m with her. I’d be happy about the children and all, but if Jack Black came up to me and started gushing? That would be pretty awesome.

Victorya is just as snotty as always. Tim congratulates her on having her own show during fashion week and she just gives him this smug nod like, “yeah. I am pretty great. Too bad you guys were too stupid to realize it.” Somehow I doubt she’ll be the one walking away with that $10,000 fan favorite check.

How great would it be if Rami and Chris were dating? They’re going over the end of the last episode when Heidi told them they were both in, but they have to compete against each other to see who will still actually be in the running to win the show. Rami has his arm around Chris the entire time and says that it brought them closer together. LOVE IT. I mean, I’m sure it’s nothing, but still.

Tim and Heidi totally call Victorya out for being an uptight biatch. It’s pretty great.

Oh my God. They have an amazing “Kevin is Gay” montage, in which he weakly asserts his heterosexuality and nobody is buying it. There seems to be a lot of sexual tension between him and Jack specifically, which is hilarious. But at the end, Tim says of Kevin, “If being on Project Runway didn’t turn you gay, nothing will.” Tim seems vaguely disappointed. Who knew he was such a fan of complicated facial hair?

They’re getting ready to show the “Ricky is crying” montage, and he looks pissed. The best part is you can hear the producers saying, “Uh, could you just tell me your name and age?” while he’s just crying away.

The next viewer question asks whether anybody was upset about something that was said about them on the show. It’s kind of ironic that Carmen instantly piped up to say how hurt she was that it didn’t even seem as though she was missed after she was eliminated, because I had to go back to my first recap to look her name up before I could even write this paragraph.

In one of the unaired scenes, Michael Kors adorably loses it during the WWE Diva runway show. He simply could not stop laughing, which made everybody else laugh and even stopped the show temporarily.

Tim’s diva name would be Polly Syllabicus.

Whoa. So Carmen? Still upset. A viewer asks the judges what they thought the single worst design was, which is pretty rough. While they tactfully don’t answer, they do say that the challenge with the poorest results was the menswear challenge. They’re chatting about how the looks were all generally lackluster and Heidi says, “we saw jackets without shirts under them…” and Carmen interjects a real bitchy, “thanks Heidi” and kind of starts to cry, because that was the challenge that got her eliminated. The judges don’t even acknowledge her though, instead moving on to their favorite challenge: the avant-garde challenge.

So the fan favorite by a landslide? Christian. Not Chris, who is awesome, but Christian. I don’t get it. Michael Knight comes out and gives him the check.

The show ends with predictions for the winner. Sweet P and Carmen think it will be Rami, but people are also excited about Jillian. Victorya, however, believes that Christian is the designer with the most talent.

Next Week: It’s the final challenge. We get to find out whether it will be Chris or Rami who will be still competing when he goes to Bryant Park.