TV Recap: Project Runway - Rock n' Runway

Previously: Kenley was a big, giant jerk, Jerell won his second challenge in a row, and we finally said goodbye to straight guy Joe.

Since we’ve had team challenges and non-model challenges, we start off with a model swap. Leanne and Kenley decide to switch their models, so everyone gets in a snit and three models are eliminated.

Tim gathers everyone in the design room to tell them what this week’s challenge is: to design looks for each other. I kind of love this idea, just because everyone hates everyone else so much. I wonder if the outfit someone makes for Kenley is going to be full of pins “accidentally” left throughout. I know it would if I were the one making it.

Tim hands out assignments: Disco Suede is designing for Jerell, Kenley is designing for Leanne, Korto gets Disco Suede, which is awesome, and Jerell ends up with Kenley, leaving Leanne to design for Korto. Tim tells them that the look also has to be based on a specific musical genre. They have $150 at Mood and until 1 am to complete their look.

Kenley has to make a hip-hop look for Leanne, and within 30 seconds, it’s all so disturbing. Leanne starts rapping and Kenley starts talking about high-waisted jeans. Neither of these things should ever be.

Kenley also starts pissing people off early today when she barges in on Korto and Leanne’s meeting asking Leanne to try on her shoes. Korto shoos her away and threatens to “get hip-hop” on her. Kenley then turns around and picks some ridiculous floral fabric at Mood and sasses Tim who asks what on earth that fabric has to do with hip-hop.

So let’s talk about the Kenley/Tim Gunn smackdown for a second, since this is what I’ve been waiting for. Tim comes over to check on her progress and she tells him about the high-waisted jeans. Tim very politely asks if oversized clothing isn’t more hip-hop, and instead of saying, something like, “yes, that’s the traditional hip-hop look, but the scene is changing, etc. etc.,” she just looks at him like he’s an asshole and says, “nooooo, that’s like 80s hip-hop,” which is not only inaccurate but so freakin’ rude. Tim thinks so too, as is evidenced by the hardcore stink eye he gives her.

Tim tries to clarify where he’s coming from, while she continues to whine at him that he “said everything was oversized,” which, of course, he did not. Tim’s turning red at this point and is trying to maintain his composure when he suggests that maybe listening would benefit her as a designer. She keeps on interrupting him and he says that “it would help if you lose the sarcasm and facetiousness.” She stands there like a five-year-old who has to pee, gives off a weird giggle, and Tim just finally says, “thank you, Kenley” and leaves.

Tim Gunn is here to help. Korto makes a very good point when she interviews that while you may not agree with his opinions, he deserves to be respected. Kenley is an arrogant little snot who very much does not understand this fact of life. Tim Gunn is not Tyra Banks, so he’s never going to completely flip his weave on a person, but for him, this came pretty damn close. She needs to go.

What’s great is that everyone on this show seems to be rooting for her downfall as much as I am. She proclaims that she knows way more about hip-hop than Tim, which sure, Tim doesn’t know a lot about hip-hop, but Kenley doesn’t know a lot about anything. Except pissing me off.

I love everyone’s hair and makeup. It’s all completely insane and I would love it if they had to do this every episode, because, well, “good heavens.” That’s all Tim could say, at least.


LL Cool J is this week’s special guest judge.

Leanne was tasked with making Korto into a country star. I love Leanne, but this just turned into a clichéd mess. There’s a western-style shirt, a bandana, cowboy boots and even fringe. There’s just nothing authentic about it.

Jerell had Kenley and needed to make her a pop star. The dress is short, mesh, and completely over-the-top, and while it doesn’t look like something a pop star would necessarily wear, I could see it onstage at the VMAs.

Kenley’s hip-hop look for Leanne is… amazing. In fairness, I can see what she was going for; if you squint real hard and turn your head sideways, it’s kind of Mary J. Blige-ish. However, Leanne can’t take herself seriously in it at all, and LL Cool J looks like he’s about ready to bust out laughing.

Korto made Suede into a punk, and it worked out pretty well. The random bleach stains struck me as a bit lazy, but overall it’s not that bad.

Disco Suede designed a rock outfit for Jerell, and I’ve got to say, it’s my favorite. I don’t know if it’s Jerell’s attitude that pulls it off for me, but this is one of the few designs that actually have the vibe of the genre it’s trying to imitate.

Since we’re down to the final five, everyone stays on stage. LL Cool J loves the energy in Korto’s design, and Nina says that Disco Suede looks like Marilyn Manson. Michael likes Disco Suede’s vest, but thinks the pants are a little bit “expected.” Nina says the design needs “more oomph,” while Heidi says that Jerell looks like Jerell. I completely disagree and think it’s a great outfit. The judges love Jerell’s design for Kenley. Michael says that it’s sexy without being vulgar and LL just giggles at her boobs.

Heidi says that Kenley’s pants are the most unflattering pants she’s ever seen. She asks LL if the outfit reads hip-hop to him, and he says no. Kenley automatically gets into whining mode and says that she didn’t want to put her in oversized pants with a backwards baseball cap and “make her look like a fool.” This comment, understandably, does not sit well with LL, who says that’s not what he meant. Leanne then scoffs at Nina and says that she could have done a better job if she had a couple of days, instead of one day. Nina, for some reason, doesn’t claw out her eyes, and instead says, “everyone’s was hard, Kenley,” in this incredible, bitchy way that makes me love her.

LL says that Leanne’s outfit is very subtle, which I completely disagree with. Michael even says that she could have notched it up, which makes zero sense to me.

Heidi brings the designers back out and announces that Korto wins. I’m okay with this, but I still liked Disco Suede’s better. I also thought Jerell did a great job. He, of course, is safe and Heidi tells him to leave. Leanne is also in, so the bottom two is Disco Suede and Kenley. Ugh, I never thought I’d be rooting for Disco Suede so hard. But OH MY GOD, PLEASE LET SUEDE BE SAFE.

Heidi tells Disco Suede that he played it too safe, while Kenley missed the attitude of hip-hop completely. Kenley is in, and I hate this show so much right now. SO MUCH. Only Kenley could be so awful that I’m sad that the jacket-bedazzling blue Mohawk-wearing, third-person talking Suede is eliminated.

Next Week: Field Trip! Ooh, Korto, Jerell, and Kenley all cry on the runway. Kenley is totally a bitch first though. Surprise!