TV Recap: Project Runway - What's The Skinny?

Last Week: Sweet, merciful crap. Chris is out.

We open with Sweet P mourning Chris’ offing. She says that his energy is joyous and delightful. I agree completely, P. I miss him already. Meanwhile, over at the guys’ apartment, Jack’s face is swelling up and he’s afraid he has a staph infection. This does not bode well for him.

Model Exchange:

I’m getting ready to glaze over, because I find this to be the most boring part of the show. Luckily, the models don’t come out. At first I think it’s the mom/sister episode, as does Steven. It turns out though, that for this season’s “Everyday Woman” challenge, the contestants are going to be designing clothes for women who have recently lost a significant amount of weight (from about 60 lbs. to 160 lbs.). It’s a super-cool idea, and most designers are really psyched about it—with Christian, of course, being the notable exception. He immediately starts whining about how this is “so not him.” Blah.


The designers need to create a beautiful new look for these women. The catch is that they have to use the fabric from the women’s favorite outfits from before their weight loss as the raw material. In addition, they have a $10 budget and 15 minutes at Mood to buy whatever else they need.

The designers are given 30 minutes to meet with their clients/models. Victorya interviews about how the women they’re working with are not typical model size. She goes on to say that they’re “normal women” with such horror; it would be kind of funny if it weren’t so sad. Kevin on the other hand, is thrilled with this challenge and says he loves making clothes for real people. Elisa is also excited and interviews that she wants to make her client look sexy.

Jack meets with his client and gets his design ready, but his face is swelling to the point where it’s difficult for him to speak. He calls his doctor who wants him to come in right away for treatment. After a conversation with Tim, Jack announces that he is leaving the competition to seek treatment for his staph infection. Since this season is made up of the nicest people on earth, everybody is legitimately sad about Jack having to leave. Most of the designers are crying as he makes his announcement.


Ah, the workroom; home of so many fantastic, quotable lines. But before I get to my favorite moment of the episode, Tim has some big news. Since Jack has left the competition early, they’ve brought Chris back! Yay! Talk about making the best out of a crappy situation. Tim says that he’ll be taking Jack’s client and since he’s so far behind, has the option of working through the night. Chris looks absolutely thrilled at the prospect.

After everyone has a chance to work for a while, the clients come back in for a fitting and Christian almost makes my favorite moment when he suggests putting some butt padding in his client’s jeans, telling her, “I’m not a miracle worker, lady. I can’t make you have an ass.” Pardon the lame pun, but if you’d spent an untold amount of time working your ass off to lose weight, wouldn’t that be the most amazing thing to hear?

After the fittings, Tim comes back to check on everyone. Tim asks Christian how fierce his outfit is. Oh Tim, so cute with the kid’s lingo. Tim tells Elisa that she needs to make sure the look is right for her client. He tells Steve he’s courageous to discard the dress so summarily, but he has to be careful on the runway. The judges tend not to like it when the challenge is disregarded. Tim sternly warns Chris to avoid the costume trap in his sailor-inspired suit—which leads to…

My favorite moment:

Tim urges Chris, who has a long night ahead of him, to make as many decisions now, while he still has his wits about him, “because I’ve made more bad decisions at three o’clock in the morning than I can list.” Everybody in the room immediately starts cracking up, and Steve asks Tim if he can give them names. Tim turns bright red and starts laughing himself. “I really am an old fart—my brain didn’t even go there!” He then tells Chris he’ll be back later to check on him, after he’s made his bad three o’clock decision.

Day Two:

Everybody comes back and Chris is fast asleep on the couch. Christian brags about finishing his outfit early, prompting Sweet P to yell out, “I still want to know if it’s against the law to kill at 12-year-old.” I don’t think there’s a jury in the world that would convict you.

During the final fitting, Jillian admits that she didn’t use the materials she was given, she just matched the color of the red shirt in the original outfit. I hope the judges give her hell for that. Elisa’s model seems to like her outfit and Kevin’s is super cute. He really thinks he has a chance at winning this challenge, and so do I.

Aaand Ricky is crying again.

Okay, so Steve’s in trouble, which I do not like to see. Then something crazy happens. Kevin and Victorya, who have both finished their outfits, help Steve finish his. I understand that this is the nicest cast of any reality show ever, but come on guys. It’s still a competition. Even with all the help though, Steve still has to glue the hem of his dress. His client looks worried.


Patrick Robinson, head designer for The Gap, is this week’s guest judge.

Sweet P had a difficult olive fabric to work with and made a cute halter dress out of it. The only thing I don’t like about it is the color, but since that’s what she was given to work with, I say good for her.

Jillian made a red halter dress that looks a little baggy to me. She used the black fabric from the pants to make some piping. It looks pretty good.

Ricky took in his client’s jeans, cropped them and made a blouse. It’s a little see-through, but if she had a tank top underneath, it would be a cute, everyday outfit.

Chris’ navy blue skirt is crazy and would be cute if he had limited the accents to just the sash. Instead, he added a pocket square and a little fishtail to the back, which put it over the top. The shirt is a royal blue that doesn’t fit well and is kind of ugly. As Tim would say, “this concerns me,” because I want Chris to stick around.

Chistian made a jacket and cropped jeans outfit. It’s really cute. The model was confident and obviously loves what she’s wearing. Every week I think he’s going to make something heinous, and he generally comes out with one of the best designs of the group.

Victorya made a gross cocktail dress. It’s green velvet, which is a pretty difficult hurdle to get over. The cut of it is really nice, but I hate the fabric in the front. It makes her look like she’s wearing a boob shield.

Elisa made a black tiered dress with navy blue accents paired with red jacket. It’s kind of funky, but kind of cute in a weird way.

Kit designed a red, white and black dress. It’s a lot younger than the outfit from which it was made, which is definitely a good thing. It’s almost too busy for me, though. It probably would have looked better as just black and white.

Kevin ruined his awesome outfit by pairing it with leggings. I thought it was a dress. Why couldn’t he have just made it longer? In any case, it’s a cute, yellow strapless shirt/tunic with black buttons that used to be a blazer.

Steven’s poor client looks like a hotel maid. It’s really sad—both the dress itself and the fact that this is probably the worst thing on the runway.

Rami made a really cute high-waisted skirt with a white criss-cross top. It looks great, and I’m not generally a fan of the high-waisted skirt.


Heidi calls names: Steve, Christian, Chris, Kevin, Jillian and Elisa. If she did not call their names, they are safe.

Kors doesn’t like Kevin’s leggings. Thank you! At least somebody’s trying to stop the madness. Elisa’s client loves her outfit, but they’re basically telling Elisa that she should have made her frumpier. It’s stupid. I agree that it’s kind of a young design, but the client is happy, who are they to say it doesn’t represent her? The only valid criticism comes from Michael, when he says that all of the layers make the model look a little stumpy. They say Jillian’s client looks sexy and tasteful. Steve’s model looks like a French maid at a funeral. They tell Christian that is design is him, but it looks super-commercial. Michael Kors says Chris’ outfit is a little “Shirley MacLaine when she played a hooker with a heart of gold.” Ouch.

The judges deliberate and Jillian is in. Christian wins and has immunity. Kevin is in. Chris is in, which I find surprising. I thought he’d at least be in the bottom two. It’s down to Steve and Elisa. Steve is out. I love Steve, but that dress was hideous. Sweet, merciful crap; I’ll miss you.

So what do you guys think about the whole Jack thing and the (ultimately false) rumors that he was kicked off the show?

Next week: Field Trip. I can’t tell exactly where they are, but it’s a few blocks away from Times Square. Hmm.