TV Recap: Psych - The Greatest Adventure in the History of Basic Cable

What would cause Gus to walk around in one shoe and he and Shawn to be chased by Argentineans with guns? Two words: buried treasure.

In this week’s Psych, Shawn’s uncle Jack, played by the flawless Brian Webber, visits to ask for his help to find the lost treasure of Bouchard. Shawn and Gus are immediately drawn in to the plan and it doesn’t hurt that Jack offered to split the treasure with them. The only one not impressed by Jack’s antics is Henry, Shawn’s dad and Jack’s brother. He has tried to protect Shawn from his less than reliable uncle his entire life but all Shawn sees is fun.

Henry finally comes on board when Shawn and Gus call him because they have been tied together by Jack’s old partners. Oh yeah, and Shawn gave them the map. Of course, no one has to worry because his psychic abilities seem particularly sharp this episode and he recalls the entire thing. So the four of them squeeze into Henry’s truck to search for lost treasure. After a few stops for clues along the way, Shawn figures out that it is buried in these bluffs and they all trek over there to dig it up.

Just then, they see Jack’s old partners, who really are scary because they were waving their guns around while talking to Shawn, Gus, and Jack before. So they take off running hoping to lose them. The partner is right on their tail when all of sudden, Gus’ foot gets stuck in a mud pile. He calls for help and Shawn runs back to help him. Gus begs Shawn not to leave his shoe but it’s lost to the pile forever. I’ve never seen some one so attached to their Pumas, seriously funny. Just as they all reach the edge of the bluff, a helicopter flies up and they’re instructed not to move. And they all actually listen, except for Jack, of course.

Gus, Shawn, and Henry are all in an interrogation room with Lassie, the chief, and Jules. The guy from the helicopter is sitting behind the mirror listening very closely to the conversation and trying to find out where the guys put the treasure. Turns out he is from the Spain’s government and he’s there to take Bouchard’s treasure back to its rightful owner. Just then, a psychic moment. Shawn starts flailing a little and says that they weren’t finished trying to find the treasure. He realizes where it’s buried and the Spanish guy takes Gus and Shawn to show him where it is.

So Gus is actually digging and is getting all dirty and doesn’t even care. He and Shawn hit something and when they open it…it really is buried treasure. Just then, Shawn does some crazy defensive move (no idea where that came from), grabs the treasure and tells Gus to run. I guess the guy wasn’t from the Spanish government. And Shawn figured it all out because of his accent. The guy is just another one of dear old Jack’s partners. Speaking of dear old Jack. Shawn and Gus run into him while running from the other guys. He pulls up in a car and tells them to toss him the gold because then the other guys will leave them alone. And Shawn actually does it. Oh, but he’s supposed to meet him in an hour at Red Robin. What?

Jack speeds off just as sirens come over the hill. Shawn and Jules are so smooth. He passed her a note that, along with telling her she smells nice, also told her the suit guy was a fake. They all go to jail and Shawn goes to Red Robin to meet up with Jack. Of course he doesn’t show but there is a nice moment when Henry comes in. And then Shawn shows him the gold that he switched out. What did Jack get? Rocks. One word this time: awesome.