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TV Recap: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Vick’s Chip: What He Beheld

Tonight’s two-hour finale wrapped up a few loose ends, but posed more questions than it answered. The preview promised an explosive episode, and while I wouldn’t call it that, it left me wanting to know what happens next.

Derek still believes Cameron is evil on the inside, and bound to turn on them sooner or later. But she proves her worth tonight when John performs ‘bot surgery and takes a chip out of her head, in order to shut down the traffic light system.

This came to be when they managed to hack into the destroyed terminator’s chip and see what it saw during the time it was “alive,” so to speak. It’s name was Vick Chamberlain, married to Barbara, who was the city manager of L.A. She was working on a fiber optic network linking the city that would eventually morph into SkyNet – thus, Sarah and Co.’s desire to shut it down.

After an unsuccessful attempt to download a virus into the city’s computer system – an adventure that led Sarah and Derek into the underground tunnel system – the group settled on a plan to use Cameron’s chip in her head for the job.

Agent Ellison discovered a terminator posing as an FBI agent. The journey led him to an apartment, where his entire backup crew and partner are killed. When the terminator turns the gun on Ellison, you get the sense that he’s reciting all those Bible verses milling about in his head. Only the terminator doesn’t shoot him. Instead, he leaves the scene of the crime, just as Charlie Dixon is pulling up, having heard the call on his fire department scanner.

The ruthless Cromartie continues to close in on John, tracking him at school and on a field trip. John and Cameron manage to elude him, but things come to a head when Cameron gets in the car to go buy John a birthday cake, and the car explodes.

And speaking of birthdays, there’s a sweet scene where Derek takes John to a nearby park to buy him ice cream for his 16th birthday. It’s there that John sees his dad, Kyle, and big brother Derek practicing some softball batting. Remember that big Derek has come back from the future, so in the current day, he and little brother Kyle are still just kids, clueless about what’s in their future.

Still, John gets a little weepy when he catches the ball and gives it to his “father,” who’s still a little kid. And yes, Derek knows all about how they’re connected, because he sees Kyle every time he looks at John. Awww…