Teen Wolf Season 3.5 Will Air In 2014

MTV’s Teen Wolf is currently airing the first half of its third season on the cable network. New episodes are currently set to run through August, but Season 3 has an extended episode order and MTV has plans to air the second half of the season this winter. Thanks to this week’s information-filled Comic Con panel, we now know exactly when Teen Wolf is scheduled to return to MTV in 2014. The show will premiere the latter half of Season 3 on Monday, January 4, 2014.

Teen Wolf has been pretty action-packed and has offered some daring plotlines during its third season. This week’s episode was a real game changer, with an alpha pack making a mess and changing the lives of werewolves Scott and Derek. Without getting into any big spoilers, there was a major death this week that is taking MTV’s scripted series in a brand new direction.

Teen Wolf has been a big part of Comic Con for four years, and it’s no surprise the network saved some of the information on the latter half of Season 3 for the big event. MTV also released a first look at the trailer for the second half of the season, which can be viewed, below.

Since there are still quite a few episodes left to air for the first half of Season 3, the network has kept the trailer pretty spoiler-free, alluding to the whole alpha pack and Scott as an alpha plotline that has already pervaded the series. The trailer also teases some new romance, as well as plenty of violence and anger within its minute and a half run.

Like the first half of the season, the latter half will run for 12 episodes. There are currently still five episodes left in the first half of Season 3, which airs on Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET. You can check out a preview for this week’s episode, below.

In addition to the show information released at Comic Con, the Teen Wolf crew also announced that fans can download a remix of the show’s theme song, produced by The Bloody Beetroots. You can download the “Teen Wolf Alpha Remix” for free.

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