Unlike other series, where new characters are often a mystery to us until they're formally introduced on the show, Once Upon a Time news is usually pretty exciting as most of the new characters are already familiar to us. The latest bit of casting for the series' upcoming second season has to do with yet another character in a classic story. Sir Lancelot has been cast!

TV Line reports that Sinqua Walls has been cast in the role of Lancelot, a character who will be introduced in the second season and is described as "a sword for hire with nothing to lose." He's been banished from King Arthur's Round Table and separated from his true love. We can probably assume that's Queen Guinevere, so is it fair to start wondering if/when we'll see her too? Regardless, I love the "sword for hire" mention in his description. Sounds exciting! ABC hasn't officially confirmed this news, but TV Line says we should expect to see him in at least two episodes.

While not exactly a household name (yet), Walls has appeared in numerous TV shows, including Friday Night Lights and The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Most recently, he's been playing the role of Boyd in MTV's Teen Wolf. He was also in an episode of Californication and the film Shark Night 3D.

Lancelot joins Sleeping Beauty and Mulan among the characters set to join the storybook themed ABC drama series, which is set to return to primetime this fall.

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