Titanic: Blood & Steel Miniseries Is Coming To Encore In October And Blu-ray In December

Next month, Encore will premiere the miniseries, Titanic: Blood & Steel, which follows American engineer Mark Muir and a whole group of people invested in the historical building of the RMS Titanic. Soon after, Lionsgate will be bringing fans Titanic: Blood & Steel, in a full-series set that will hit Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download on December 4.

The series stars Neve Campbell, Kevin Zegers, Derek Jacobi, Alessandra Mastronardi, and Chris Noth in an epic story that will take fans all the way back to 1909 when the “unsinkable” ship was being built in Belfast. The 12-part miniseries mixes women’s issues with middle and lower class concerns, as well as brings in some industry titans (Noth plays JP Morgan in the series). The series was timed with the 100th Anniversary of the ship’s maiden journey across the Atlantic Ocean, and had an original run in Germany and Denmark in April.

Both Blu-ray and DVD sets will come with a couple of featurettes that look in-depth at how the series was shot and created. Though there are only two segments on the disc, Lionsgate says they will be lengthy and information-filled. The first, “The Visual Effects of Titanic: Blood & Steel,” will obviously look at the visual effects, and the second, "Making of Titanic: Blood & Steel," will be more of the standard behind-the-scenes look.

If you want to catch the series before you decide to purchase it, you can watch all twelve episodes between October 8 and October 13 on Encore. The full schedule is available over at TV By The Numbers.