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The BBC has spent the last year trying to rework Top Gear after firing Jeremy Clarkson, who headed up the original series in the late eighties, as well as the newer version until he was sacked a year ago. Now, the latest amalgamation is finally coming together, and the first trailer focuses on fast cars, Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc and some untimely vomit. You can check it out in all its glory, below.
A lot of this Top Gear trailer serves to remind us that the new show is going to be at least as big and fast as the old one. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May liked to take vehicles for a fast spin or two, but there was also a ton of thoughtful conversation and goofy comedy in their segments. That might still be a part of the new version, but sans a few goofy lines from a costumed Matt LeBlanc in a Robin Reliant, this first look focuses on speed and wild antics.

That is, until we get near the end of the new trailer. Chris Evans might have the need for speed, but he certainly isn’t able to handle it when Sabine Schmitz takes him out for a high-octane spin. The man actually gets nauseous and Schmitz urges him to get out of the car, where he literally proceeds to puke up strawberries. If Top Gear were hoping to instill confidence in the audience related to new host Chris Evans, this vomit bit doesn’t really do it. It does sort of reaffirm the picture that Chris Evans might be trying to do to much by adding Top Gear to a plate that is already full.

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The BBC has spent a lot of time and effort getting this new version of Top Gear off of the ground. A whopping seven people—if you count the Stig—are on board to host the latest series, including Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc and Sabine Schmitz, but also Rory Reid, Eddie Jordan and Chris Harris. As the trailer notes, the new episodes are scheduled to hit BBC America in the States this May.

Obviously, a short trailer isn’t enough to tell us whether or not the new Top Gear is going to be good. It very well could hit the same beats that car lovers have gotten from the show for years and years. But in a lot of ways it can’t help but be very different because different personalities are going to be involved.

Luckily, if you aren’t nearly as excited about seeing Top Gear as you are about seeing Jeremy Clarkson and co. back on the air, the guys’ new Amazon series is getting off of the ground right now, too, and will be heading to Amazon sometime later this year. We’ll let you know as soon as that show gets a title and premiere date. In the meantime, here’s what the TV networks have coming up this summer.

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