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While most TV shows go into the promotional campaign pouring information onto audiences to get them jazzed for a new season, that’s not exactly the case with Better Call Saul Season 2. Which is fine, since the spectacular Season 1 was more than enough to get us permanently psyched for any and all upcoming seasons. Thankfully, we’ve also got a new trailer to hint at the downward (or upward) spiral Jimmy McGill will be heading into this year.
We might not be seeing Saul Goodman and his one-liners come out of Jimmy just yet, but he’s certainly taking life by the horns now. He’s tired of doing the right thing, or the “right” thing, as it were. He wants to lie out in the pool with some snacks and a potent drink. He wants to succeed by any means necessary, and he’s no longer tethered to lawfulness. It isn’t the American Dream, but it’s certainly closer to American Reality.

You know, I didn’t think I’d find myself being bothered by Jimmy’s steady path toward becoming Saul Goodman, but there’s something minutely tragic about watching a man’s genuine attempt at embracing a vocation get tainted. And for it to get spun around by his own brother – his own brother! – is even more disheartening. I know it’s just a TV show, but still. Bob Odenkirk is the perfect actor to draw out those unexpected emotions, which is a large part of Better Call Saul’s success. Speaking of his brother, there’s no sign of Michael McKean’s Chuck here, but he’s sure to pop in at some point as the brothers begin to rekindle their relationship.

Understandably, Jimmy’s path to the darker side will cross with Mike, who will see his story getting expanded upon in Season 2 as he makes becomes the most badass enforcer on TV. As well, we’ll be seeing more of Nacho, who wasn’t too friendly with Jimmy in Season 1. But now that morals have taken a backseat to other motivations, they can probably see eye to eye a little better.

We’re not too sure about many other specifics to expect from Season 2. Co-creator Vince Gilligan recently came out and hinted at a particular Breaking Bad character we can expect to see. And we’re always hopeful that more characters from that predecessor show up, but as long as the drama stays tight and interesting, the crossovers can wait.

Get your pool floats inflated and ready to go, as Better Call Saul will return to AMC for Season 2 on Monday, February 15. To find out when everything else is premiering and returning in the next few months, check out our midseason TV schedule.

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