TruTV's Funniest Commercials Highlight What A Weird Year We Had In 2013

2013 was a lot of things, and as evidenced by the commercials we’ve seen on air — the world has totally embraced its inner weirdo — our very loud, very clever collective weirdo. And considering your favorite television series are probably at least twenty percent commercials (which is a complete guess and not at all science so don’t quote me, Internet), it seems only fair to talk about the ones that really stood out. Enter: TruTV’s Funniest Commercials of the Year. And one thing is certain: these :15 and :30 second advertisements actually embody 2013’s very existence.

Sure there were plenty of spots featuring Ron Burgundy and a Dodge Durango, and all those Super Bowl commercials were swell, too (anything that involves Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen, really). But those are all merely guest stars in the network of life (you like that?). If life were a television show, 2013 would be the mid-season cliffhanger: where a lot of plot-exposition takes place (like the racist backlash over a Cheerios commercial) in anticipation of the Big Revelation coming in 2014. And what happens when you’re setting up an explosive turnaround? Lots and lots of yelling, a little bit of chaos, and even the occasional anthropomorphic encounter — all evidenced by the commercial doings, below.

2013 Loved Animals

2013 Loved Getting So Totes Crafty

2013 Found Us Still Obsessed with Cats

2013 Proved We Want to Right Our Wrongs

If 2013 is any indication, 2014’s going to be a doozy. Happy New Year indeed, y’all.

TruTV’s Funniest Commercials of the Year airs Sunday, January 5 at 9PM.