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Two and a Half Men fans are set to be introduced to the mother of the CBS’ comedy’s new character Walden Schmidt. The character is set to play by a certain actress who was once married to Tom Cruise. (Not Nicole Kidman.)

According to Deadline, actress Mimi Rogers has been tapped to play the mother of Walden Schmidt. Fans of the series have been getting to know Ashton Kutcher’s character Walden this fall and at some point they’ll be getting to know his mother. Rogers’ character is set to appear in at least two episode of the series and in addition to being Walden’s mother, she’s also a primatologist. They study primates.

?This isn’t Rogers’ first role as a mom in a notable TV show or movie. More than a decade ago, she played the mother of Jen Lindley (Michelle Williams’ character) on Dawson’s Creek. She also played the mother of Elizabeth Hurley’s character Vanessa Kensington in Austin Powers; International Man of Mystery. In addition to numerous acting roles over the last few decades, Rogers is also known for her brief marriage to Tom Cruise in the late-80’s.

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