I didn’t realize how slow creating a television show was. It was last summer when Royal Pains was announced and that Mark Feuerstein would star as a former ER doctor who takes a job as an on-call doctor in the Hamptons. Today, THR reports that USA Network has officially ordered the 2 hour pilot and eleven additional one hour episodes. The current plan is for Pains to be paired up with House which USA owns the syndication rights. As for now, it appears the show will debut this summer.

I’m impressed with the direction that USA Network has taken over the past few years. USA once put all its support on wrestling and crap like Silk Stalkings which featured future Melrose Place and 90210 star, Rob Estes. Today, the kids get shows that have actual quality standards. Besides Royal Pains, USA greenlit two other new shows last summer. No word yet on when or ifWhite Collar and Operating Instructions will air. Both shows have wrapped up casting however.

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