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Norrie and Joe seem to be having their own semi-private under-the-dome adventure. For whatever the reason, these two have begun to form some kind of connection with the dome and with each other. The sneak peek at next week's episode emphasizes the next big reveal for these two and - spoiler alert - it's dome related! That may seem like an obvious clue, but if you just watched the clip, you know I'm not talking about the big dome. There's another dome in the dome. Dome-my-god! (New phrase. Go ahead hashtag that one.)

Here's where things get actually spoilery if you haven't read the book. If you don't want to hear book-to-show comparisons, skip this paragraph and proceed to the photos, a couple of which vaguely address last Monday night's cliffhanger! Moving on to the egg inside the dome. It is an egg right? Not a bird egg or a reptile egg, but some egg-like thing that must have something to do with the dome and is protected by its own dome in the dome. We're calling it an egg for now. Is it safe to assume the egg is projecting the dome(s)? In the book, Joe and his friends stumble upon a box that turns out to be the source of the dome. It seems fair to assume that's what Norrie and Joe have found. But the show's deviated enough from the book that there's no reason to assume the cause of the dome will be exactly the same. So I'm not going to speculate beyond assuming the egg is the "box" that's projecting the dome.

Moving on to the photos, it looks like Angie makes it out of the Rennie house unscathed. And is it me, or is she actually smiling here?

Angie running

It also looks like she managed to get herself a new shirt! Or someone's shirt, anyway. No more striped tank top? Or is she wearing it underneath. I'm afraid to get my hopes up because it looks like she's still wearing the same jeans.

At the very least, she's with other people and she's made it back to her brother, who we know has been losing sleep over her disappearance all season. Ok, not really.

Finally, we have this photo, which shoes Joe and Norrie looking distraught. Norrie looks particularly panicked. Did something happen with her mother? Or are we looking at a scene that takes place after she and Joe find the dome-egg?

Joe and Norrie

The above previews don't address some of the other events that are on the way for Under the Dome's "Imperfect Circles." There's also a baby on the way, someone will die, and Jim Rennie's trying to get people to respect his authoritai. Check out the previously released preview here for more glimpses at what's to come for UTD, which airs Monday night at 10:00 p.m. ET on CBS.

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