Since the announcement that Stephen King's novel Under the Dome was being adapted for a TV series, we've seen at last a few comments from readers about how the concept of the story - which has a small New England town being covered by a huge, invisible dome - sounds a lot like the plot of The Simpsons Movie. While The Simpsons arrived on the big screen in 2007 and King's book was published in 2009, it would appear that King was using a premise that had already been done, however King has said that he started writing Under the Dome in the 1976. The story was shelved and he didn't succeed in finishing it until some time in the last decade, after The Simpsons Movie hit the big screen. So yes, The Simpsons did it first, but we're giving King the benefit of the doubt that the idea was in his mind for decades before that happened.

Regardless of whether or not they share a similar premise, they're different stories. But still, it's a fair comparison to make. It was even acknowledged once on The Simpsons and from what the Under the Dome showrunner has said, it'll be acknowledged in the upcoming series adaptation. EW says the TV series, which arrives this June on CBS, will give a shout-out to The Simpsons in its third episode. “We do make a reference to The Simpsons Movie,” showrunner Neal Baer told EW. “We have a ‘recharge party’ in episode 3 and the kids are watching it.”

Baer says that the series doesn't feature any actual footage from the movie, but we should expect a verbal reference of some sort. So that'll be a fun little easter egg for fans to look for when the show premieres.

Under the Dome will premiere on CBS on June 24. Watch the TV spots for the series here and the first look video here.

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