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With the presidential race in full swing, it’s not surprising that Saturday Night Live would be drawing from that for quite a few of their sketches. In case you missed the latest episode of Saturday Night Live (yes, they’re airing new episodes again!), you can catch some of the clips online.

Thanks to NBC.com’s SNL website, you can view sketches from episodes as early as the day after the episode airs. This week, the show opened with a humorous reenactment of an MSNBC debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Afterwards, the real Hillary Clinton has the chance to speak and share a laugh with Amy Poehler, who impersonates Clinton on the show:

Here’s the video of the debate:

And here’s the video of Clinton and Poehler:

NBC.com also has the clip of Rudy Guiliani speaking during the Weekend Update portion of the show as well as a number of clips featuring Ellen Paige (this week’s host).