Video: Stephen Colbert Explains His Sudden Absence

It was a dark time for our nation last week, as all kinds of politicians got up to all kinds of shenanigans, and yet there was no clear-voiced, self-important fake TV personality to make sense of it all. Jokes aside, it was oddly jarring to see The Colbert Report take a sudden hiatus at the end of last week, and all kinds of rumors flew around the Internet about what might have caused the break. Most of us were just hoping that both Colbert and his family were in good health, and now that Colbert has returned to his anchor chair, he has taken the opportunity to explain the rumors and welcome himself back into our hearts.

If you're looking for the real answer, the key is that last little "confidential to a lovely lady" bit-- Colbert's mother, widely rumored as the rumor for his absence, did indeed raise 11 children, and at 91 years old must by definition be tough as nails. It seems safe to assume that Lorna Colbert got through her illness just fine, which makes her all the more amazing-- and explains something about how she raised such an impressive son.

Stephen Colbert is kind of singular among famous people, especially comedians, who you would want to have as your brother-in-law, or your son, or even just your friendly neighbor. Even when he's hiding it behind the blowhard Stephen Colbert character, it's nice to see him give a heartfelt shoutout to his mom-- right after a joke about getting an ass-lift, of course.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend