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Judging by the ratings, if you were watching network TV last night, there’s a good chance many of you tuned in for ABC’s A Special Edition of Primetime with Diane Sawyer – Jaycee Dugard: In Her Own Words. If you missed it and are interested in hearing what Dugard had to say about the experience of being kidnapped and held captive for eighteen years, we have the video for you to check out ahead.

In the interview, which aired Sunday night on ABC to an audience of millions, Jaycee Dugard talks with Diane Sawyer about the terrifying experience of being kidnapped, abused and kept from her family for nearly two decades. The video (below) runs for nearly an hour and a half. ABC’s ratings announcement states that the special more than doubled its year-ago results on the evening, and is TV’s most-watched summer newsmagazine in over 7 years.

ABC's "A Special Edition of Primetime with Diane Sawyer - Jaycee Dugard: In Her Own Words" more than doubled its lead-in at 9:00 p.m. among viewers (+164%) and young adults (+185%) to dominate its time slot and stand as Sunday's highest-rated TV program, attracting an average audience of 14.8 million viewers during its 2-hour broadcast.

In case you weren’t among those who tuned in, you can watch the interview in its entirety below. Be warned, some of the details bravely shared by Dugard and discussed by Sawyer are pretty disturbing. On the other hand, Dugard's talk of hope and survival is inspiring:

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