Late last year, we learned that, once again, The Walking Dead would be undergoing a major change behind the scenes, with showrunner Glen Mazzara exiting the AMC zombie drama before its planned fourth season. As this was the second showrunner to depart the series, following in the footsteps of original showrunner Frank Darabont, Mazzara's exit was certainly a surprise and more cause for concern from fans of the series. The show must (and will) go on, with the second half of Season 3 set to play out beginning in February and a fourth season already secured. Based on reports today, it sounds like the show is close to having its new showrunner.

TVLine says supervising producer Scott Gimple is close to a deal to take over for Glen Mazzara. If/when everything goes through, he'll take over running the series for its fourth season. Mazzara will remain the showrunner through the end of Season 3.

Gimple's earliest credit on the AMC drama is "What Lies Ahead," the second season premiere, which he's credited for producing. His first writing credit on the series is for "Save the Last One," the third episode in Season 2. That's the episode when (spoilers if you're really far behind on TWD!) Shane shoots Otis and then goes back to the farm, lies about it and shaves his head. It's certainly one of the more memorable episodes of the series' second season.

Prior to working on The Walking Dead, he wrote for FlashForward and Life. He also has a writing credit for David S. Goyer's upcoming Starz series Da Vinci's Demons. On the feature side, he's among the screenwriters credited for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. It'll be interesting to see how he does handling The Walking Dead, especially as he takes over as the third showrunner for the series in four seasons.

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