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Robert Kirkman has come a long way since co-creating The Walking Dead comic series in 2003, and his creative empire has branched out onto TV in a big way. With two shows on AMC and another one coming to Cinemax, it seemed like Kirkman would stick to cable network for his future endeavors, but no. His newest project, a pre-apocalyptic drama called Five Year, will be put together for Korean broadcast television, with the global TV site Viki taking on the worldwide streaming rights. What the what?

Five Year will be set on the opposite side of the end of the world as seen in The Walking Dead, and in this case, the apocalypse isn’t caused by a mysterious virus, but rather a deadly meteor that’s headed straight for our planet. The show will center on a family living under the space-based threat, and I have to assume that other characters and aspects of Korean culture will factor in, and also that people will die. But I do not have to assume that this is basically Armageddon on the small screen, because that is just too frightening.

Unlike The Walking Dead and Cinemax’s Outcast, Five Year won’t be based on any of Robert Kirkman’s comic books, but rather a story that he came up with some years ago that he and his Fear the Walking Dead co-creator Dave Erickson tried to turn into a series back in 2010 for Sony. The pilot was written, but nothing directly came of it until now, although some of the ideas and themes made their way into the prequelized Fear the Walking Dead. It’s all connected, people!

According to the press release (via Daily Dead), Five Year got a 16-episode order for its first season. You might have suspected a little something by the show’s title, and you’d be correct if you thought that the plan here is to keep the drama going for a total of five seasons. That’s a pretty lofty plan, but when you consider how quickly The Walking Dead turned into a ratings behemoth and how much of a global phenomenon it has become, it makes sense to have some high expectations in mind.

With Skybound Entertainment also there behind the scenes, Five Year will be the second original series that Viki is producing. The first is a multi-national miniseries called Dramaworld that will debut on the site this spring. I’m guessing nabbing a big name like Robert Kirkman will help boost their status around the planet.

It’s not clear when Five Year is aiming for its unexpected debut on Korean TV, nor what Viki’s plan is on when episodes will hit streaming. But filming is expected to begin later this year, so it could possibly premiere before 2017 gets here. Until then, watch out for meteors.