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The world of The Walking Dead may be full of dead (and undead) people, but the AMC series’ fanbase is alive, well and anxious to find out what will happen to Rick and The Gang when Season 5 kicks into gear this fall. We’ve still got some months to go before getting back into the familiar “exposition-to-violence-to-exposition” storytelling that The Walking Dead falls into, but AMC’s 4th of July “Dead, White and Blue” marathon will feature not only a Talking Dead: Season 5 Preview Special, but there will also be an exclusive sneak peek for those tuning in live.

Now, does this mean that we aren’t going to have that clip up and ready for you as soon as it hits the Internet? Of course not, because we’re just as interested in sharing it with you guys as we are in seeing it. Though if Carl is in the clip, I’m far more interested in doing anything else with it besides watching it. But enough about me and my Carl fatigue.

AMC will be kicking off their marathon on Friday, July 4 with Season 1 and will air all four seasons going through Sunday, July 6. At some undisclosed point during it all, the official first look at Season 5 will air, and will be posted to AMC’s website shortly afterward. Will we see Terminus? Will we see Daryl shoot somebody's eye out with an arrow? We can hope.

Chris Hardwick will be back as host of The Talking Dead for the preview special on Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. For his guests, he’ll have showrunner and executive producer Scott. M. Gimple and Archer actress and stand-up comedian Aisha Tyler. They probably won't go into the mysteries and secrets of the fifth season, but we're going to treat everything Gimple says as rumor fodder.


And if that marathon wasn’t enough for you, AMC has two brand new hour-long documentary specials that they’ll be airing between now and Season 5’s premiere. Inside the Walking Dead, which will air on Tuesday, July 8, will take viewers far behind-the-scenes of the series with the executive producers, as well as getting in-depth explanations from production designers and makeup artists, among others. A week later, on Tuesday, July 15, is Inside the Walking Dead: Walker University, which will take a trip to the series’ Zombie School and focus on the process of turning people into walkers, from the choreography to the makeup to the acting motivations.

Remember to tune into The Walking Dead marathon starting next Friday, and mark your calendars in blood for the Season 5 premiere in October. It'll be safe, we swear.

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